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Where the single ring wears a finger

2017-05-19 21:02:37 | 日記
What is a single ring finger? Right hand little finger: do not fall in love, right hand ring finger: love in. Right middle finger: famous flower master. Right index finger: single nobility. Left hand little finger: not marriage. Left hand ring finger: marriage. Left middle finger: engagement. Left index finger: unmarried thumb is the meaning of power on behalf of, you can also do the meaning of self-confidence.
Does the single ring wear a good finger? If it is eager to marry, eager to end a single life, the ring is best to wear on the index finger, which means unmarried, want to get married. If you want everyone to clear your single, the ring can be worn on the little finger, said Cartier love bracelet replica the meaning of a single aristocracy, but also divorce or determination of the meaning of celibacy.
What kind of brand is good? This is benevolent see benevolent wise see things, the following is a small series of some of the more popular diamond ring brand.

(China Famous Brand) 5 Mingpai Diamond Ring (China Famous Brand) 5 Mingbao Diamond Ring (China Famous Brand) 5 Mingbao Diamond Ring (China Famous Brand) (China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand) 8 Cartier Diamond Ring (China Famous Brand) 9 Lao Fengxiang Diamond Ring (China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand) Chinese famous brand) 10 Xie Ruilin diamond ring

Not the best wedding diamond ring brand, with love diamond ring is the best wedding ring. Buy wedding diamond ring in addition to the high price, but also durable, the most important thing is that both husband and wife like to like the ring, in order to fine care, in the years under the dazzling.
What kind of brand is good? Marriage is one of the three most important things in life, because the happiness of life and marriage has a very important link. Then the importance of marriage as an important monument to marry the importance of marriage can also be imagined.

What kind of good thing is really good to say that the wedding diamond ring brand too much. To this end, many new people have specifically sought to have entered the marriage hall of the views of friends, they also give guidance, but some say that the brand is good, and some say that brand is good. What brand of wedding is good in the end? Some people say that makes sense, he said that there is no death of the answer, wedding ring is a new love witness, the meaning of diamond ring is the most important, not a brand.
Marriage is a lifetime event, and wedding ring for new people, especially the most important. Select a wedding ring with a mind, need to pay attention to the following questions.

Pre-determined ring style. Wedding rings are worn every day, but now you can choose a lot of styles, but between husband and wife will only buy a pair of rings. So in order to avoid pick the eye, choose a wedding ring before the first to do their own preferences to filter. Decided to ring the material, precious stones, style and other details. If it is custom, you can also help the staff, designed their own custom program.

The ring can be different. Couples, between husband and wife often want to have uniform clothing, hobbies, but not on behalf of the wedding ring must be so. If a person likes platinum, the other like K gold, we can create two separate personal taste and style wedding ring. But after all, is the couple, two people’s wedding ring difference is not too much, it is best to have a place to echo.

Ring material is very important. Wedding ring records every life worth remembering a moment, to accompany the couple’s wedding ring, the importance of the ring material is much larger than the style. Now the ring material selection of 18K gold and platinum, both have their own advantages and disadvantages, but it should be noted that, no matter what kind of metal, as long as our daily wear wedding ring more attention to wear and maintenance, wedding ring can be We spend a lifetime.

Measure the exact finger number. New people are more and more concerned about the comfort of wearing a wedding ring, but also enough to explain the importance of comfort, the appropriate ring can let you wear a ring more comfortable, you can go to the jewelry store shopkeeper to help you measure your hand Inch, you can use a simple method to measure out.

Stand the test of time. Buy wedding rings can follow the pace of fashion, but the wedding ring is to wear a lifetime of the ring, the choice of style must also be in the next 20 years will not let yourself bored. In addition, the ring will also accompany their own to participate in various occasions, whether it is parents, or a formal social gathering.
For thousands of years, gold and silver have been the most precious metals. At any time, any country and region, these two things are collectible value, can be made when the currency of the hard currency. So until today, there are still many people regard them as the main material of Cartier love ring replica the wedding base. But in recent years, platinum as a more valuable, beautiful metal sudden emergence, swept the world, sales in the store also jumped to the first. And the hardness of platinum is also higher, diamonds set in the above is not easy to fall. The following are the same as the ”

Western proverb says “diamonds are the best friend of a girl”, and China also has a “diamond forever, a permanent spread” argument. Although many people choose other jewelry as an engagement ring, such as ruby, emerald or pearl, but the diamond ring is the most fashionable choice. When choosing diamonds, pay attention to “four C”: Cut-Cut, Clarity-Clarity, Color-Color and Carat-Carat. The following are the same as the ”

If the wallet is not enough drums, the budget is more tense, take the holidays to the discount shopping malls to buy it would be a good idea. Buy things to shop around, buy expensive items even more so. The same thing in different shopping malls, the price difference will be great. Some shopping malls in order to attract customers, discount efforts are great. Moreover, the different brands within the counter of the counter, you can also fold on the fold, or VIP discount card. The whole count down, but also save a lot.
JAFF jewelry brand is quite European style of international jewelry brand. Its design concept is less limited by the traditional jewelry design framework, not only rubbing the jewelry and elegant subtle, but also reflects the different fashion areas of the trend of style, for modern women to bring a different choice of jewelry. Jiefu diamond ring prices ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.
Jaff Czech luxury jewelry from the modern women’s casual sex, independent self, not just from the monotonous price. Jaff Jifu jewelry will be a woman’s multi-faceted personality into each core series, giving jewelry life, to make it more human feelings.

JAFF jewelry brand is quite European style of international jewelry brand. Its design concept is less limited by the traditional jewelry design framework, not only rubbing the jewelry and elegant subtle, but also reflects the different fashion areas of the trend of style, for modern women to bring Cartier nail bracelet replica a different choice of jewelry.

Jaff jewelry in the design concept of continuous integration into the latest fashion and popular cultural elements, from Europe and Asia, the top jewelry designers of the design team, not only for the JAFF products brought the most advanced design concepts and trends, Into the most in line with the Asian aesthetic tendencies.
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