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The new jewelry is the Replica Cartier Love Bracelet and Cactus de Cartier

2017-07-13 02:12:27 | 日記
Almost every year Cartier will launch new jewelry. 2017 Cartier will also introduce new jewelry. The new jewelry is the Replica Cartier Love Bracelet and Cactus de Cartier. Which Cactus de Cartier is a high-level jewelry department, and Replica Cartier Love Bracelet is a general category. Cactus de Cartier design from the heart of the inspiration, is Cartier famous jewelry design master made. With 2 years.
Cartier has just launched the “Cactus de Cartier” senior jewelry of the new season works, still in the desert “cactus” as inspiration, try with rose gold with diamonds and red spinel.
Red spinel is rarely used in jewelry, the Cartier for the first time the use of red spinel, and with diamonds. The overall design is very atmospheric and luxurious. While the design inspiration comes from the cactus. Cactus de Cartier shape is very like a cactus, on behalf of the Cartier’s indomitable brand style.

Newly made arc-shaped ring to imitate the cactus spherical outline, ring face covered with rose gold produced cactus spikes, spikes at the top of the polished rounded shape, the side can see the rough texture.
Between the spikes dotted with round cut diamonds and arc cut red spinel, constitute the cactus flowers. Which diamonds from eight spikes inlaid, red spinel is polished for the hollow cut shape, just by a spikes fixed, with full three-dimensional sense.
And another Replica Cartier Love Bracelet, based on the addition of multiple versions on the basis of 2016 to choose from.
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