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2017-05-20 16:47:04 | 日記
Football and fashion are always inseparable, every World Cup, the European Cup and other large football events, fashion circles also followed the excitement. From the players of the jerseys, shoes, accessories to their hair, are likely to become a hot pursuit of fashion. And the major fashion Cartier love bracelet replica brands also hope that by virtue of the scale of the grand football tournament, a very effective brand promotion and marketing, especially sports brands. European Cup as second only to the World Cup second largest football event, its degree of concern can be said to be empty. Moreover, Europe is known as the source of fashion, the European Cup and ultimately, fashion elements of the blessing.
Italian goalkeeper Buffon’s dazzling glove
Sports brand giants battle
European Cup group stage is not over, spend a lot of money to sponsor the European Cup brand marketing to do the German sporting goods brand Puma was severely punched his self-esteem. June 20 morning Swiss team and the French team in the game, the Swiss team’s jersey even 5 times torn, at least four Swiss players had to end replacement jerseys. After the match, the Swiss team jersey sponsor Puma also by the Swiss players Tucao, Sha Qi Li said: “I hope Puma does not produce condoms … …” Puma then issued a statement, admits the existence of quality clothes. Although the sponsorship of several other teams Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria team jersey no problem, but the tear or to poor performance in recent years, behind the Cartier love ring replica peer Puma cast a shadow.
England, the top “de blowing” Gary Rhine Kerr also do not forget Tucar Germany: “Puma jersey, Adi broken football, you can never believe the German efficiency!” This game in addition to the shirt was frequently torn, as well as Germany Sports brand giant Adidas manufacturing football “wing of France” was wearing Nike shoes players to step on the break.
Sports events have always been the sporting goods brand competition is fierce, especially Nike and Adidas two enemies, will be the World Cup and the European Cup as they highlight the right to produce an important platform for the content. In this year’s European Cup 24 teams, Adidas sponsored nine teams, Nike sponsored six teams, Puma sponsored five. From the second half of last year to March this year, the teams have been released by the sponsors to participate in the design of the European Cup home and field jerseys. But there are a lot of friends Tucao, this year the team’s jerseys are not how the color, the Spanish away uniform looks like a white clothes sprinkled with a plate of tomato scrambled eggs, the Italian team’s blue blouse and white shorts with previous years There is no difference, and the French team home jersey looks like pajamas, and almost with the Italian blue army Zhuangshan.
But the fans do not care about how good the Replica Cartier jewelry jersey, the ball played well is the focus. Crazy fans before the game began to buy hot team jersey, jersey sales during the game is hot exception. A set of basic models of genuine jersey price of 85 euros, shorts 45 euros, France, Germany and other popular team jerseys more expensive, more difficult to buy. Like Iceland so 2 to 1 out of England’s dark horse team, the team jersey also instantly become popular, and soon sold out of stock. As for the England team was angry fans accused you “do not deserve this shirt.” During the game, the popular goods in addition to jerseys, as well as shoes, socks and training clothes and other peripheral products.
The current European Cup also appeared on a lot of trends, such as multi-team goalkeeper put on a bold and innovative color gradient gloves, Italian veteran Buffon also put on this glove; Socks are more than the length of the knee, it is estimated that wearing a stocking socks will become a new trend; no shoelaces boots will become the trend, because Bell, Berger, Ozil and other stars in the current European Cup are wearing no Shoelaces boots. By www.jeweltree.co
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