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The choice of the project must be careful

2017-05-18 23:05:35 | 日記
I was inspired, with the students together, after investigation, feel a more appropriate jewelry shop.
Shop selection in the school near a street, after careful layout can also be, but the partial point, the price is not cheap, a month also 1,100 yuan, I opened the store, with their own from the usual living expenses Cartier love bracelet replica, pocket money Save money, I want to do my own thing. Students are Wuhan, relatives in the shop, in this regard some experience. The cost of each bear half, so the pressure is not great.
The beginning of the supply is not yet clear, please peer to bring a little, and then secretly investigated a number of jewelry shop, ask them where to purchase. Slowly familiar with, our supply is also stable. I usually wear with my classmates, with very attention, the purpose is to guide and drive some students. We choose the jewelry that is a certain grade, and many students have come to join, just started business is also good, after all, that street jewelry shop rarely.
After a period of time in September, jewelry sold well, when the weather was cool in Wuhan, it is suitable for wearing earrings, bracelets, necklaces and so on. Our low price positioning, college students can accept, and jewelry novel, unique. Learned students also like to follow suit, we began to recommend to the students, with jewelry, business is naturally very good.
Later, the street opened several jewelry shop, but also students open. We do a lot of small ads at the door of the shop, playing the concession card, also decorated the stairs in front of the shop a lot. This does not work, I let the students to other jewelry store to do the investigation, they sell jewelry than we want to be refined, unique, I heard that foreign goods, with Wholesale Cartier love replica South Korea, Australia and other jewelry stores have contact, you can air over, they sell Of some expensive, a necklace at least 65 yuan, style and color are unique, many students are willing to go there to buy, do not buy also like to turn around. In contrast, our shop a little less, the price is low is not a bright spot, the key is the grade was gone.
Winter is coming, jewelry backlog, we are considering not to enter the winter jewelry. Winter ornaments expensive, in addition to personality, but also significant temperament and grade, Wuhan jewelry not, the price is not cheap, not to taste, supply is a bottleneck. And then the money is not enough turnover, and senior school students who have left school, the source has gone part of the comprehensive consideration we had to close. A loss, we lost more than 4,000 yuan.
Case Study:
First, the shop must be sure to clear expenses and income, students are small, you can consider a little less into the goods, Buzhi Yu to the final backlog of so many goods.
Second, the choice of the project must be careful, especially in the self-understanding of the industry, but also have expert guidance, do more research.
Third, jewelry pay attention to fashion, emphasizing a “change” word, so the supply is the key.
Fourth, the most important thing to do is to sit. To carefully examine the geographical location, but also to examine the traffic and the ability to buy Replica Cartier jewelry nearby people.
Fifth, entrepreneurship is not easy, there must be the ability to deal with competition, in advance have to consider the changes in the trend, do more market research, can not indulge in their own taste, so that others seize the market, their passive position.
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