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Armani watches count big?

2017-07-27 01:04:22 | 日記
Armani watches count? Armani watch origin, and the movement mostly from Switzerland, which is the watch the most important moment of the heart, and the assembly of the majority of domestic assembly. But the key is to look at the movement. This is the most important guarantee for the quality of the Cartier love bracelet replica watch. Armani watch origin and movement also divided into the Swiss movement and the Japanese movement, of course, there are domestic movement, from the grade points is clearly better than the movement of the Swiss movement, but the price will be different. Armani watches use a pure Swiss movement, of course, there are many other.
Armani watches are divided into two kinds: one is the pursuit of movement and event precision, high prices, style more solemn. One is the pursuit of appearance, very fashion is Fan children, the price is not expensive.
The first table feel good first, the table is very weight, wear seems to be stable and mature. The belt is leathery.
Watches work very fine, generous beautiful, simple and not simple, both business Fan yet fashionable Fan, very nice to see the atmosphere, a look that is a big brand, his eyes are very unique design, with those on the market are not the same, have their own Features.
Casio G-Shock solar classic classic male watch G-6900-1D recommended
G – Shock classic best – selling watches 6900 series, transformed into the solar power system (Tough Solar), so that the watch will never stop operation. Tough Solar (Tough Solar) through the dial of the solar panel, absorb sunlight or faint light, converted into electricity stored in the rechargeable battery to maintain the power consumption of the watch operation. The concise design does not make excessive decorations with color changes, symbolizing G – Shock ‘s consistent Tough spirit. The following watch home to bring you a Casio G-Shock solar classic retro male watch G-6900-1D!
G-SHOCK STORE Shanghai store opening show strong fashion and durable wind!
Casio years with vitality, young, stylish, multi-functional brand image and enjoys popular support, continue to seek innovation in technology, will be more innovative ideas used in the watch. And its well-known brand G-SHOCK TOUGH spirit is deeply rooted in the sports, fashion, music, art has an unshakable Cartier love ring replica position. June 2, 2015, G-SHOCK in mainland China’s first G-SHOCK STORE – “G-SHOCK STORE SHANGHAI” in Shanghai Huaihai Road grand opening.
G-SHOCK STORE is different from the parent brand CASIO flagship store, it is G-SHOCK brand stores, selling G-SHOCK full range of products The
G-SHOCK STORE SHANGHAI The main body of the store is decorated in cool colors, surrounded by gray concrete walls and ferrous metal frames. The rugged style is tough and conveys the spirit of TOUGH advocated by G-SHOCK. At the same time, in order to make China’s first G-SHOCK store more personality, G-SHOCK also invited the Singapore artist Jahan for G-SHOCK STORE SHANGHAI design exclusive shop standard, full of street sense of ICON highlights the trend of G-SHOCK Fashionable.
From the popular classic engraved models, to the production line of high-end products in Yamagata, Japan’s premium production line (Premium Production Line) assembly to the top of the MR-G series as the representative of the Premium high-end product line watches, and then To the collection of Casio top manufacturing technology, in order to challenge the limits of the strongest for the “MASTER OF G” series, whether it is diving experts, extreme sports players, navigators, pilots or rock climbing master, each watch are very Own unique super skills. In addition, in the third G-SHOCK brace 3ON3 basketball war spread at the same time, the store also sells specifically for the basketball game launched black and white series, and G-SHOCK x HUF joint limited edition and many other brands with the theme of the product, Show G-SHOCK deep multicultural and dynamic.
G-SHOCK STORE SHANGHAI is an open space on the second floor. There will be a variety of activities from time to time to showcase the G-SHOCK culture and provide a platform for G-SHOCK fans to share and exchange.
Casio quartz watch stylish and beautiful appearance, is now a lot of young people favorite one of the watch brand. But we all know that the quartz watch is powered by the battery, when the watch battery power consumption will be replaced when the battery. Then the carcass watch for the battery how much money? The following watch home to tell you!
Casio watches how much money?
Casio change the price of a battery between 50-100, too expensive, they may not change, and directly buy a new table is not on the line? Of course, the price is the public, if the following battery models, may be expensive. National Model Standard QB 578-81, battery type according to the battery diameter, height and electrolyte type using six-word code arrangement. The first with different symbols on behalf of the battery varieties, such as Y on behalf of the zinc-silver battery, the second and third represents the battery diameter, the number of decimal places after the omitted. The fourth and fifth bits represent the battery height, including the number after the decimal point. The sixth represents the battery electrolyte, where the sodium hydroxide electrolyte, said M on behalf of zinc-manganese batteries. With potassium hydroxide electrolyte is not a letter, you can omit. If a zinc-silver battery diameter of 0 11.6 mm, height of 4.2 m m, the electrolyte is sodium hydroxide, then with 1142 N said. Good Casio watches for the battery how much money? Using the above good quality batteries, may need hundreds.
If it is the following two, the price is generally around 50. IEC (international Electrotechnical Commision) model standard. IEC is the standard Cartier nail bracelet replica established by the International Electrotechnical Commission. With the English letter S (Silver) that zinc silver battery, with R (Round) that round; with two specified figures as the series size of the serial number. For example, a zinc-silver battery having a diameter of 40.75 mm and a thickness of 3.6 mm is represented by SR 41, where 41 is a code of 07.9 mm and 3.6 MM.
There is a JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) model standard, JIS for the Japanese industry standard, the model said the tomb with the same IEC, but in the last increase in the English letter S (Sodium), said the battery electrolyte is sodium hydroxide ; The last bit without the letters belong to the electrolyte for the potassium hydroxide battery. For example, the diameter of 47.9 mm and thickness of 3.6 mm zinc-silver battery, the electrolyte is sodium hydroxide, the model said SR41S.
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