My search for the perfect wig

2016-10-18 10:10:23 | 日記

I don't know what they did with my hair when they cut it off. I imagine it nestling somewhere, thick and red, defeated in the end not by years of chemical enhancement, but by emergency neurosurgery.One evening last year in Dresden, Germany, I fell over and hit my head on the curb. I wasn't even drunk; a mere half pint, not dirndl-clad Oktoberfest excess. I don't remember it. I woke up in hospital in November 2013 after suffering a series of haematomas. The surgeons had removed part of my skull and locked it away in a freezer. My head remained similarly chilly.I was given a protective helmet to wear until they could reattach the part of my head they had removed and once again, they shaved my head to do so. So now I am on the road to recovery and I'm looking for a wiggy soulmate to see me through.

Women and men lose their hair for a variety of reasons: neurosurgery, chemotherapy, alopecia, age, genetics, unexpected thinning and more. Some have none of these reasons and shave their heads through choice. Every time someone says I look like Sinead O'Connor, I want to hug the singer for sticking with a look which shows that women do not have to be defined by glossy manes.And yet, and yet. Here is a chance to do something I was always too nervous to do with my real hair: change my look in an instant to whatever I wanted. A choice to have as many choices as possible. From Cleopatra to Marie Antoinette, the transformative power of a hairpiece is well established in history. Now the modern market, a lot of which is aimed at black women and purchased by transgender women, has huge variety.

I have been wearing my wig the whole time and I know that my fiance does not mind my alopecia but I was really hoping to have all my hair back by my wedding day. The worst part is that I am having my wedding in the caribbeans and it will be really hot to wear a wig. I don't know what to do... right now i have a blad undercut and I definitely can't do without my wig because I have so many more patches now.. but I don't know how I'll be able to style it for my wedding. I guess this is starting to stress me out resulting in more hair falling out... Any suggestions on what I can do with my hair/wig? Has anyone ever worn a wig to the caribbeans?
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