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Integrity Has Vanished From The West

2018-03-31 23:58:21 | 翻訳記事 Translation



The only protest is brainwashed school children protesting the National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment.


I care about this part. Does the American citizen think that having a gun is free?

Will ultimately have a gun to defeat the violent government?

That is reckless, but if you have freedom to hold a gun, you will end up with an American war, a base at all over the world, interfere with domestic affairs, threaten with force, and affirm the invasion of the economy.

After violent government is overthrown with violence, politicism is created that holds back with violence.

If Americans think that having a gun is the only solution, It is evidence that itself is brainwashed. That is a rare existence in the world.

















Integrity Has Vanished From The West

Paul Craig Roberts

Among Western political leaders there is not an ounce of integrity or morality. The Western print and TV media is dishonest and corrupt beyond repair. Yet the Russian government persists in its fantasy of “working with Russia’s Western partners.” The only way Russia can work with crooks is to become a crook. Is that what the Russian government wants?

Finian Cunningham notes the absurdity in the political and media uproar over Trump (belatedly) telephoning Putin to congratulate him on his reelection with 77 percent of the vote, a show of public approval that no Western political leader could possibly attain. The crazed US senator from Arizona called the person with the largest majority vote of our time “a dictator.” Yet a real blood-soaked dictator from Saudi Arabia is feted at the White House and fawned over by the president of the United States.

The Western politicians and presstitutes are morally outraged over an alleged poisoning, unsupported by any evidence, of a former spy of no consequence on orders by the president of Russia himself. These kind of insane insults thrown at the leader of the world’s most powerful military nation—and Russia is a nation, unlike the mongrel Western countries—raise the chances of nuclear Armageddon beyond the risks during the 20th century’s Cold War. The insane fools making these unsupported accusations show total disregard for all life on earth. Yet they regard themselves as the salt of the earth and as “exceptional, indispensable” people.

Think about the alleged poisoning of Skirpal by Russia. What can this be other than an orchestrated effort to demonize the president of Russia? How can the West be so outraged over the death of a former double-agent, that is, a deceptive person, and completely indifferent to the millions of peoples destroyed by the West in the 21st century alone. Where is the outrage among Western peoples over the massive deaths for which the West, acting through its Saudi agent, is responsible in Yemen? Where is the Western outrage among Western peoples over the deaths in Syria? The deaths in Libya, in Somalia, Pakistan, Ukraine, Afghanistan? Where is the outrage in the West over the constant Western interference in the internal affairs of other countries? How many times has Washington overthrown a democratically-elected government in Honduras and reinstalled a Washington puppet?

The corruption in the West extends beyond politicians, presstitutes, and an insouciant public to experts. When the ridiculous Condi Rice, national security adviser to president George W. Bush, spoke of Saddam Hussein’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction sending up a nuclear cloud over an American city, experts did not laugh her out of court. The chance of any such event was precisely zero and every expert knew it, but the corrupt experts held their tongues. If they spoke the truth, they knew that they would not get on TV, would not get a government grant, would be out of the running for a government appointment. So they accepted the absurd lie designed to justify an American invasion that destroyed a country.

This is the West. There is nothing but lies and indifference to the deaths of others. The only outrage is orchestrated and directed against a target: the Taliban, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Iran, Assad, Russia and Putin, and against reformist leaders in Latin America. The targets for Western outrage are always those who act independently of Washington or who are no longer useful to Washington’s purposes.

The quality of people in Western governments has collapsed to the very bottom of the barrel. The British actually have a person, Boris Johnson, as Foreign Secretary, who is so low-down that a former British ambassador has no compunction in calling him a categorical liar. The British lab Porton Down, contrary to Johnson’s claim, has not identified the agent associated with the attack on Skirpal as a Russian novichok agent. Note also that if the British lab is able to identify a novichok agent, it also has the capability of producing it, a capability that many countries have as the formulas were published years ago in a book.

That the novichok poisoning of Skirpal is an orchestration is obvious. The minute the event occured the story was ready. With no evidence in hand, the British government and presstitute media were screaming “the Russians did it.” Not content with that, Boris Johnson screamed “Putin did it.” In order to institutionalize fear and hatred of Russia into British consciousness, British school children are being taught that Putin is like Hitler.

Orchestrations this blatant demonstrate that Western governments have no respect for the intelligence of their peoples. That Western governments get away with these fantastic lies indicates that the governments are immune to accountability. Even if accountability were possible, there is no sign that Western peoples are capable of holding their governments accountable. As Washington drives the world to nuclear war, where are the protests? The only protest is brainwashed school children protesting the National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment.

Western democracy is a hoax. Consider Catalonia. The people voted for independence and were denounced for doing so by European politicians. The Spanish government invaded Catalonia alleging that the popular referendum, in which people expressed their opinion about their own future, was illegal. Catalonian leaders are in prison awaiting trial, except for Carles Puigdemont who escaped to Belgium. Now Germany has captured him on his return to Belgium from Finland where he lectured at the University of Helsinki and is holding him in jail for a Spanish government that bears more resembance to Francisco Franco than to democracy. The European Union itself is a conspiracy against democracy.

The success of Western propaganda in creating non-existent virtues for itself is the greatest public relations success in history.





Paul Craig Roberts



ロシア大統領本人による命令での、どうでも良いような元スパイへのいかなる証拠の裏付けもない毒ガス攻撃とされるものを巡り、欧米の政治家と売女マスコミare morally 激怒した。世界で最も強力な軍事国家の指導者と、雑駁な欧米諸国とは違い、二十世紀の冷戦中のリスクも超えた核のハルマゲドンの可能性を高められる国、ロシアに、この常軌を逸した侮辱が投げ付けられているのだ。これらの裏付けの無い非難をしている狂気の阿呆連中は、地球上のあらゆる生命を全く無視しているのだ。それなのに、彼らは自らは、地の塩で“例外的で、必要欠くべからざる”国民だと見なしている。

ロシアによるスクリパリ毒ガス攻撃とされるものを考えて頂きたい。これはロシア大統領を悪者扱いするための画策された企て以外にあり得ないではないか? 元二重スパイ、つまり人を欺く人物の死を巡って、欧米がそれほど激怒できるのに、21世紀だけでも、欧米によって破壊された何百万人もの人々に対して全く無関心なのはどういうわけだろう。代理人のサウジアラビアを通して欧米が動いていて、欧米にも責任があるイエメンでの大量死を巡って激怒している人々が欧米のどこにいるだろう? シリア国内の死者を巡って激怒している欧米国民がどこにいるだろう? リビア国内の死者を、ソマリア、パキスタン、ウクライナ、アフガニスタンの? 欧米による他の国々の絶えざる内政への干渉を巡って激怒している人々が欧米のどこにいるだろう? ワシントンは、一体何回、ホンジュラスで、民主的に選ばれた政府を打倒して、ワシントンの傀儡を据えつけただろう?



欧米政府内の人々の質は、どん底に落ち込んでいる。イギリスには、実際、そういう人物、余りに下劣で、元イギリス大使は、彼のことを平気で、明確なウソつきと呼んでいる外務大臣のボリス・ジョンソンがいる。 イギリスのポートンダウン研究所は、ジョンソンの主張に反して、スクリパリ攻撃にまつわる毒ガスを、ロシアのノビチョク毒ガスだと特定していない。もしイギリスの研究所が、ノビチョク毒ガスを特定することができるなら、調合法は既にとうの昔に本に掲載されているので、研究所には多くの国が持っている能力である毒ガスを製造する能力もあることに留意願いたい。


画策がこれほどあからさまなのは、欧米政府が、自国民の知性など尊重していないことを実証している。欧米政府が、こうした異様なウソをついて済んでいるのは、政府が責任を取るのを免れられることを示している。たとえ説明責任は問えても、欧米諸国民が自国政府に責任を取らせることができる兆しは皆無だ。ワシントンが世界を核戦争へと押しやっているのに、どこで抗議が行われているだろう? 唯一の抗議行動は、洗脳された生徒たちによる全米ライフル協会と銃器を保有・所持する権利を保障する憲法修正第2条に対するものだ。

欧米民主主義は作り話だ。カタルーニャをお考え願いたい。住民は独立に賛成投票し、そうしたことで、ヨーロッパの政治家たちから非難された。住民が自分たちの将来に関する意見を示した住民投票は違法だったと主張して、スペイン政府は、カタルーニャを侵略した。ベルギーに逃れたカルラス・プッチダモン以外のカタロニア指導者たちは投獄され、裁判を待っている。ヘルシンキ大学で講演したフィンランドからベルギーへの帰路、今やドイツが、民主主義というより、フランシスコ・フランコに良く似ているスペイン政府のために彼を捕らえ、拘束している。 欧州連合そのものが、民主主義に対する陰謀だ。




2018-03-31 23:54:46 | 翻訳記事 Translation

最近の学校乱射事件と憲法修正第2条に触れたPaul Craig Roberts氏の記事には、2018年2月18日のものがある。

A Real Solution for School Shootings










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4月14日(土)13:30~ 朝鮮半島を平和共存の拠点に 会場:川崎市総合自治会館3階第1会議室(JR武蔵小杉駅徒歩7分) お話:大図建吾さん(日本コリア協会川崎代表) 資料代:300円 主催:同協会川崎 問合せ:090-2568-0436(木村さん)




4月14日(土)13:30~ 討論集会「県政・横浜・川崎・相模原市政の現況と2018年予算を検証する」 会場:神商連会館(東神奈川駅徒歩6分) 資料代:500円 主催:県民連絡会など




4月14日(土)13:30~16:00 第7回鎌倉憲法学校~平和と憲法の岐路に立って 会場:鎌倉商工会議所地下ホール(鎌倉駅西口徒歩5分) 講師:渡辺 治さん(一橋大学名誉教授) 入場料:500円(20歳以下無料) 早めに申込みください 申込方法:Fax(0467-60-5410/0467-24-6577)、メール(、店舗(鳥森書店、たらば書房、松林堂書店) 保育:4月4日までに申込みください。保育料は200円 主催:鎌倉・九条の会




4月14日(土)14:00~16:30 JCJ神奈川支部例会「国民投票法とメディア」 講師:渡辺登代美弁護士(川崎合同法律事務所)・岩崎貞明さん(「放送レポート」編集長・MIC事務局長) 会場:横浜市開港記念会館7号会議室(みなとみらい線日本大通り駅徒歩3分・JR関内駅南口徒歩8分) 資料代:500円 主催:日本ジャーナリスト会議(JCJ)神奈川支部 問合せ:080-804-2417(保坂さん)




4月14日(土)15:00~ 「原発ゼロへ我が人生を語る」講演会 会場:県民センター3階301号室(横浜駅西口徒歩5分) 講師:吉原 毅さん(城南信用金庫顧問) 資料代:700円 主催:ろうきん9条の会 問合せ:090-7256-9903




4月15日(日)14:00~ 春のサンクスコンサート 会場:戸塚区民文化センター・さくらプラザ(戸塚区総合庁舎4階、JR戸塚駅すぐ) 前売り:一般2000円、高校生以下1000円 当日:一般2500円、高校生以下1500円 出演:神奈川フィル分会室内合奏団 問合せ:県職労連内公務公共一般組労組(045-212-3179)




4月19日(木)~20日(金)満蒙開拓平和記念館と安曇野ちひろ美術館を訪ねる昼神温泉の旅 集合8:00横浜駅西口貸切バス待合場所(ビブレ前) コース:19日 出発地-東名高速-圏央道-諏訪(昼食)-満蒙開拓記念館(見学)-長岳寺(参拝)-昼神温泉(宿泊、ユルイの宿恵山) 20日 ホテル-中央道-安曇野ちひろ美術館(見学)-安曇野スイス村(昼食)-中央道-東名高速-帰着地(18~19時頃帰着予定) 旅行代金:24500円 申込み:3月20日までに田中栄へ(045-814-3884)




4月20日(金)10:30~13:00 磯子地域九条の会国会請願と国会見学会 12年間の署名を国会に届けます。 申込み:3月25日までにファックスまたは携帯電話へのSMSでお名前などをお知らせください。申込み先:ファックス 045-753-6255、携帯電話 090-2760-6655(北原さん)




4月20日(金)14:00~ 映画「母 小林多喜二の母の物語」 会場:平塚市中央公民館大ホール(JR平塚駅徒歩15分) 舞台挨拶:山田火砂子監督 前売り:1200円 当日:1500 主催:現代ぷろだくしょん 申込み:03-5332-3991




4月21日(土)13:30~15:00 3000万署名桜木町駅頭宣伝行動 場所:JR桜木町駅前広場 ユナイトリレー街宣の行動に合流 主催:神奈川県憲法共同センター 問合せ:045-212-5855(住谷さん)




4月21日(土)13:30~17:00 子どもと教科書全国ネット21首都圏ブロック学習交流会議 会場:IKE・Bizとしま産業振興プラザ(旧豊島区勤労福祉会館)5階美術室(池袋駅西口徒歩10分、南口7分) 学習:吉田典裕さん「中学校道徳教科書検定結果と各社版の内容」 議題:検定合格した中学校道徳教科書の内容と問題点の学習、首都圏の地域ネットや教育組織のとりくみ、これからの課題などの交流、その他 主催:子どもと教科書全国ネット21(03-3265-7606)




4月21日(土)14:00~18:00 厚木革新懇総会 会場:厚木市文化会館4階集会室AB(小田急線本厚木駅徒歩15分) 記念講演:田崎基さん(神奈川新聞記者)「岐路の憲法~安倍改憲の表層と深層」(講演は1時間) 講演後、総会と懇親会 連絡先:046−228−4817(上野さん)




4月21日(土)14:00~ 基地問題学習会「戦争する国づくりへと、いま神奈川の基地は!?」 会場:海老名市文化会館120サロン室(海老名駅徒歩10分) 資料代:500円 菅沼幹夫さん(日本平和委員会全国理事)「アメリカの核戦略と神奈川の基地」、宮応勝幸さん(大和平和委員会会長)「厚木基地の実態と今後」 主催:神奈川県平和委員会(045-231-0103)




4月21日(土)14:00~ 女性「九条の会」2018年度学習会:軍隊と自衛隊どこが違う?! 会場:文京区男女平等センター1階研修室A(地下鉄本郷三丁目駅徒歩5分) 資料代:1000円 講師:種田和敏さん(弁護士、城北法律事務所) 主催:女性「九条の会」 参加希望者の申込み先:03-5981-8441




4月22日(日)14:00~ 琉球/沖縄シンポジウム:日本国憲法制定過程から排除された沖縄 今も続く平和的生存権侵害 会場:東京しごとセンター地下講堂(JR飯田橋駅東口徒歩7分) 講師:古関彰一さん(獨協大学名誉教授) 参加無料 主催:シンポジウム実行委員会 連絡先:042−637−8822(造形大前田研究室)




4月22日(日)14:00~16:30 第58回学習会:改憲発議を止めるために~私たちの展望 会場:宮前市民館第4会議室(東急田園都市線宮前平駅徒歩10分) 講師:高田 健さん(総がかり共同実行委員会共同代表) 資料代:300円 主催:宮前九条の会 連絡先:044-855-8896(若原さん)




4月24日(火)10:30~ 映画「母 小林多喜二の母の物語」 会場:横須賀はまゆう会館ホール(JR衣笠駅徒歩3分) 舞台挨拶:山田火砂子監督 前売り:1200円 当日:1500 主催:現代ぷろだくしょん 申込み:03-5332-3991




4月25日(水)8:30集合 9:00出発 全県米軍・自衛隊基地調査地 集合場所:横浜駅西口待合所(ビブレわきの公道) 参加費:5000円 コース:横須賀軍港→フェンス外 米軍住宅→平和の母子像→池子→厚木基地→座間キャンプ 申込み:ファックス045-261-6577(県平和委員会)




4月26日(木)~5月2日(水)10:00~20:30 第3回パネル展「戦争の加害-民族排外主義と差別こそ侵略戦争への道」 会場:かながわ県民センター1階展示室(横浜駅西口徒歩5分) 展示会場内でのミニ講演会:4月28日(土)14:00~16:00北宏一郎さん(在野の毒ガス問題研究者)「日本軍の毒ガス戦と軍事化学企業の戦争責任」、4月29日(日)14:00~16:00奈須重雄さん(細菌戦センター理事)「731の問題-戦中・戦後」、4月30日(月)14:00~16:00竹岡健治さん(記憶の継承を進める神奈川の会)「戦争加害は教科書にどう記述されてきたか」 主催:記憶の継承を進める神奈川の会 後援:神奈川新聞社、東京新聞横浜支局、毎日新聞横浜支局、tvk(テレビ神奈川) 協賛:週刊金曜日 問合せ:090-7405-4276




4月26日(木)10:00~12:45 安保法制違憲訴訟かながわの会第6回口頭弁論と裁判報告集会 集合:横浜地方裁判所日本大通側入り口前(MM線日本大通り駅徒歩3分、関内駅徒歩7分) 10:15までに所持品検査、10:30頃抽選、11:00開廷 11:45裁判報告集会 会場:横浜YWCA(横浜スタジアム南側から徒歩2分) 連絡先:大和田さん(080-5507-9862)




4月26日(木)17:00~19:00 憲法夕カフェ@横浜・栄 会場:未来塾(栄区公田、栄警察署前、本郷台駅徒歩15分) お話:太田啓子弁護士(「あすわか」メンバー) 参加費:700円(ワインとおつまみ付き) 定員:30名 主催:実行委員会 後援:ぶんぶんトークの会 問合せ:渡辺さん(090-6930-8074)




4月29日(日・祝)14:00~16:30 第12回“いま、なぜ?”「昭和の日」 「アジア太平洋戦争突入後、日中戦争はどうなったか?! 」 会場:横浜情報文化センター・6階ホール(関内駅徒歩8分、みなとみらい線日本大通り駅徒歩1分) 講師:笠原十九司さん(『日中戦争全史』著者) 資料代:500円 主催:教科書市民フーラム 連絡先:090-6021-0429




4月30日(月、休)13:30~15:30 ふじさわ・九条の会13周年のつどい:八法亭みややっこの目からうろこの憲法噺! 会場:藤沢市民会館小ホール(藤沢駅南口徒歩10分) 終了後パレード 講師:八法亭みややっこさん(飯田美弥子、弁護士) 参加費:前売り500円、当日700円 主催:ふじさわ・九条の会 連絡先:090-7949-9854(吉塚さん)




5月2日(水)18:10~ 2018憲法を考える5.3県民集会「自衛隊明記と緊急事態条項で日本は、どうなるのか?」 会場:横浜市開港記念会館講堂(MM線日本大通り駅徒歩2分、関内駅徒歩10分) 講師:小口幸人弁護士(沖縄県八瀬町・南山法律事務所) 主催:かながわ憲法フォーラム 共催:戦争をさせないかながわの会、平和運動センター 連絡先:045-231-2479(県高教組内)




5月3日(木、祝)10:00~14:30 第11回鶴見平和フェスティバル:守ろう平和憲法9条! 安倍9条改憲NO! 憲法をくらしに活かそう! 3000万署名を達成しよう! 会場:鶴見駅西口モール街(JR鶴見駅西口) 中央舞台:和太鼓、合唱、日本舞踊、演歌、江戸芸かっぽれ、フラメンコ、アコーディオン、チャンゴなど 模擬店、フリーマーケット、展示企画、健康チェック、弁護士による法律相談など 雨天中止 主催:実行委員会 連絡先:よこはま健康友の会(045-947-3260)




5月3日(木、祝)11:00~12:00 5.3憲法記念日宣伝活動 場所:桜木町駅前広場(JR桜木町駅) 主催:九条かながわの会 問合せ:090-7175-1911(後藤さん)




5月3日(木、祝)11:00~ 5.3憲法集会2018 9条改憲N!平和といのちと人権を! 会場:有明・東京臨海防災公園(りんかい線国際展示場駅徒歩4分、ゆりかもめ有明駅徒歩2分) 主催:5.3憲法集会実行委員会 共催:総がかり行動実行委員会、安倍9条改憲NO!全国市民アクション(03-5289-7157)




5月3日(木、祝)13:00~ 5.3県民のつどい:安倍憲法改悪を許さない!国会発議をやめさせよう! 会場:神奈川公会堂(JR東神奈川駅・東横線東白楽駅徒歩5分) 講演:永山茂樹さん(東海大学法学部教授)「安倍改憲の本質~9条改憲を許さないために 自衛隊はどうなる? 生活はどうなる?」、永田 亮さん(弁護士、武蔵小杉合同法律事務所)「国民投票法のオトシアナ」、各界からの発言、アピール採択、終了後、デモ行進:会場→六角橋→白楽駅 主催:神奈川憲法会議 連絡先:045-651-2341(横浜合同法律事務所)




5月12日(土)14:00~17:00 憲法ひろば 会場:桜木町駅前広場 テーマ別ブース(労働、教育、平和と安全、など)での展示、シール投票、音楽など 協力をお願いします 連絡先:高梨(090-8818-1431)、松原(090-7272-3092) 主催:共同行動のためのかながわアクション




5月13日(日)13:40~16:10 えびな・九条の会全体集会 記念講演 元財務相 藤井裕久さん「若い人に味わわせたくない戦争の恐怖-憲法9条にふれて」 会場:海老名市文化会館(海老名駅西口徒歩5分) 参加費無料 事前申込制 申込先:046-232-7991(荒川さん)、046-238-1800(稲垣さん) 主催:えびな・九条の会




5月18日(金)18:30~ 第4回藤田早苗さん報告会「国連の勧告も受け入れず大丈夫?日本の『表現の自由と『メディア』 講師:藤田早苗さん(英国エセックス大学人権フェロー) 会場:横浜市開港記念会館6号室(日本大通り駅徒歩1分、関内駅徒歩10分) 資料代:700円、学生無料 主催:ストップ秘密保護法かながわ 連絡先:090-5433-6464、090-3698-1125 




5月23日(水)18:00~ 前川喜平氏講演会-今、私がお伝えしたいこと 会場:小田原お堀端コンベンションホール(小田原駅東口徒歩3分) 講師:前川喜平さん(前文部科学省事務次官) 参加費:前売り800円、当日1000円 定員500名(先着順) 託児無料(申込制) 手話通訳あり 主催:実行委員会 問合せ:小山田大和さん(090-7008-4455)




5月24日(木)18:00~21:00 日本国憲法と学校教育-主権者教育の実態を問う 会場:スペースたんぽぽ(ダイナミックビル4階、JR水道橋駅西口徒歩5分) 講師:高嶋伸欣さん(琉球大学名誉教授) 参加費:800円(学生400円) 問合せ:03-3238-9035




5月25日(金)19:00~ 前川喜平さん教育・憲法を語る「個人の尊厳へ導く教育」 会場:厚木市文化会館小ホール(小田急本厚木駅北口徒歩13分) 講師:前川喜平さん(文部科学省前事務次官) 前売券:800円(学生など400円) 当日券:1000円(学生など500円) 主催:茅ヶ崎革新懇 協賛:厚木の教育を考える会、厚木市九条の会ネットワーク 問合せ:080-3172-3441(小池さん)




5月31日(木)~6月3日(日) 2018平和のための戦争展inよこはま 会場:かながわ県民センター2階ホール、1階展示場(横浜駅西口徒歩3分) 主催:神奈川県平和委員会(045-231-0103)




6月1日(金)18:20~ 「戦争する国」ゴメン。この国の「異常」を正そう! 九条の会東京連絡会6・1大集会2018 会場:中野ゼロホール(中野駅南口徒歩8分) お話:中野晃一(上智大学教授)、小森陽一(東京大学大学院教授) 特別企画:おしどりマコ&ケン 演奏:バイオリン 石井夕紀、ピアノ 清水智子 参加費:1500円(学生500円、障がい者無料) 主催:九条の会東京連絡会(03-5812-4495)




6月9日(土)14:00~  18:00~ 映画「被ばく牛と生きる」(松原保監督)上映会 会場:茅ヶ崎市役所分庁舎6階コミュニティホール(茅ヶ崎駅北口徒歩8分) 各回上映後、ゲストトークあり 前売り:800円、当日1000円、学生無料 主催:チームみつばち 協力:ピースカフェちがさき、防災スイッチオン!プロジェクト 連絡先:090-9328-3799




6月23日(土)第一部14:00~17:00  会場:茅ヶ崎市役所分庁舎5階AB会議室 第二部18:00~21:00 場:茅ヶ崎市役所分庁舎6階コミュニティホール 映画「世界でいちばん美しい村」上映会&*はなおと*ミニライブ 交通:茅ヶ崎駅北口徒歩8分 各回上映後、石川梵監督のトークあり 前売り:800円、当日1000円 主催:実行委員会 後援:茅ヶ崎市(申請中)、茅ヶ崎市教委き委員会、茅ヶ崎商工会議所、公益社団法人茅ヶ崎青年会議所 協力:チームみつばち、ピースカフェちがさき 予約:090-7940-5767(西川)






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           集会 柏木公園(西新宿7丁目、予定)

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 *主催・呼びかけ 共謀罪廃止のための連絡会

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森友・加計問題で安倍政権に幕引きだ!壊憲発議と国民投票制度の欠陥とは!? 巨大広告代理店「電通」が果たす役割が極めて大きい!? その実態とは!?~ 市民が変える日本の政治オールジャパン学習会 2018.3.30






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Trump: Conflict Between His Words And Deeds

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Trump: Conflict Between His Words And Deeds

Trump: Conflict Between His Words And Deeds

Paul Craig Roberts

President Trump (belatedly) congratulated Russian President Putin on his smashing reelection and said, again, that he favored getting along with Russia. Yet, how can Trump mean it when he follows up by appointing John Bolton, America’s most notorious warmonger, National Security Adviser? It makes no sense.

Bolton is the third national security adviser in 14 months. To Bolton, getting along with Russia requires Russia to be a US puppet state such as the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan, and all the rest. In other words, accept Washington’s hegemony or we will bomb you into the stone age.

Russia, desperate for a sign of hope, risks self-delusion by seizing on Trump’s gesture and ignoring Bolton’s appointment. No US president who wanted to get along with Russia would have appointed Bolton to be his National Security Adviser.

The constant drum beat of false allegations against Russia and the demonization of Putin, which has reached down into the British school system where children are being taught that “‘Toxic’ Putin is on mission to poison the West,” indicate that conflict with Russia was on the agenda prior to Bolton’s appointment.

Now that Putin has announced Russia’s new weapon systems, an array that clearly puts the US in an inferior position, hegemonic voices are rising that the US must strike Russia before the new superweapons are all deployed.

Russia would do well to avoid being put off guard by her unrealistic hope for peace and friendly words from Trump’s mouth.







Paul Craig Roberts

トランプ大統領は(遅ればせながら)、ロシアのプーチン大統領の圧倒的な差による再選を祝い、再び、ロシアとは仲良くやって行きたいと言った。だが、すぐ後で、アメリカで最も悪名高い戦争屋ジョン・ボルトンを国家安全保障問題担当補佐官に任命しておいて、トランプが本気で言っているはずがあるだろうか? 意味をなさない。






Paul Craig  Robertsは元経済政策担当の財務次官補で、ウオール・ストリート・ジャーナルの元共同編集者。ビジネス・ウィーク、スクリプス・ハワード・ニュー ズ・サービスと、クリエーターズ・シンジケートの元コラムニスト。彼は多数の大学で教えた。彼のインターネット・コラムは世界中の支持者が読んでいる。彼 の新刊、The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West、HOW AMERICA WAS LOST、The Neoconservative Threat to World Orderが購入可能。




日刊IWJガイド・日曜版「本日16時半から、処罰の基準が内心!? 自白の強要はますます横行する!?東京都迷惑防止条例改正の危険性~岩上安身による・自由法曹団東京支部団員・舩尾遼弁護士(城北法律事務所)インタビュー!/今度は性教育の授業に不当な介入!?中学校で行われた性教育の授業を問題視した自民党・古賀俊昭都議は、以前にも性教育の授業に不当な介入をしていた!」2018.3.25日号~No.2019号


Steven Spielberg’s The Post: To reveal government secrets and lies or not?

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Steven Spielberg’s The Post: To reveal government secrets and lies or not?

By Joanne Laurier 
17 January 2018

Directed by Steven Spielberg; screenplay by Liz Hannah and John Singer

Steven Spielberg’s new film The Post recounts the internal struggle at the Washington Post over whether or not to publish the Pentagon Papers in June 1971.

The 7,000-page, 47-volume document was a Department of Defense history of American imperialist involvement in Vietnam from 1945 to 1966. It revealed that successive administrations, Democratic and Republican, had systematically lied for decades, with devastating consequences, including the death of millions of Vietnamese and tens of thousands of Americans.

The Post

At the center of The Post are a series of disputes that took place over the advisability of making public the explosive government secrets, including between Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham and her financial and legal consultants, and between Graham, on the one hand, and managing editor Ben Bradlee and his reporting staff, on the other. In addition, Graham and Bradlee each undergoes an internal conflict during the crisis.

Spielberg’s film conscientiously and intelligently represents these events and brings out a number of critical questions, including freedom of the press, the right of the population to know what the authorities are up to, and the dangers of presidential dictatorship.

The Post begins in 1966 with a semi-prologue. Daniel Ellsberg (Matthew Rhys), a military analyst, is on a fact-finding mission in Vietnam for Lyndon B. Johnson’s Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara (Bruce Greenwood). Concurring in private with Ellsberg that the war is going terribly, McNamara sings a different, optimistic tune in front of the American media.

Ellsberg has served as a Marine, spent two years working in Vietnam with the State Department, and has been involved in the writing of a document, commissioned by McNamara in 1967, blandly entitled “History of U.S. Decision-making in Vietnam, 1945-66,” which eventually gains notoriety as the “Pentagon Papers.”

In 1969, increasingly disillusioned by the war and disgusted at government falsehoods, Ellsberg and his colleague Anthony Russo (Sonny Valicenti), both employed at RAND Corporation, begin clandestinely photocopying all 7,000 pages of the Pentagon Papers.

On June 13, 1971, Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks) and publisher Katharine Graham (Meryl Streep) are caught off guard when the New York Times starts publishing portions of the top-secret document, which Ellsberg had leaked to Times reporter Neil Sheehan (Justin Swain). Bradlee is frustrated by Sheehan’s blockbuster scoop.

On June 15, Attorney General John Mitchell tells the Times they are violating the Espionage Act, and the Nixon administration gets a court order to stop the Times from continuing to publish the papers. “If the Times shuts down,” Bradley says, “we’re in business.”

“Anyone else tired of reading the news instead of reporting it?” he asks angrily and rhetorically, charging national editor Ben Bagdikian (Bob Odenkirk) with tracking down the source of the leak. When Bagdikian figures out it is Ellsberg, a former colleague at RAND, he goes to Boston, meets the anxious whistleblower, and returns to Washington with a trove of 4,400 photocopied pages.

The Post now possesses the material. The debate over whether or not to publish it pits Bradlee against the paper’s legal team, bankers and potential investors. Graham and her business advisors are in the midst of launching the newspaper’s first public stock offering worth millions of dollars. Criminal charges could destroy the paper and potentially land Graham and Bradlee in prison.

Bradlee argues: “The only way to assert the right to publish is to publish.” Furthermore, he argues: “We have to be the check on their power. If we don’t hold them accountable, who will?” As the debate rages between the editorial and legal departments, additional pressure is brought to bear on Graham by her friend Robert McNamara. In a private conversation, however, she reminds him that her son fought in Vietnam and that she has an obligation to expose the heinous character of the war and government lies, including his own. In reply, McNamara vehemently warns her: “Nixon hates you, and if there’s a way to destroy your paper, he’ll find it.”

Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep

The first Washington Post article making use of the Pentagon Papers appears on June 18, despite threats from the Justice Department, which insists (via a phone call from then assistant attorney general and future chief justice of the US Supreme Court, William Rehnquist!) that the paper haslike the Timesviolated the Espionage Act.

On June 26, 1971, the Supreme Court hears the Post and Times cases together, and on June 30, issues a 6-3 decision, supporting the papers’ right to publish. The Post ends with the onset of the Watergate scandal in 1972, whose working out would bring about the resignation of Richard Nixon in disgrace two years later.

Spielberg’s movie honestly and entertainingly sets out to depict the details and personalities of a major moment in American history. Its strongest element is a genuine democratic sensibility. Perhaps the most oft-repeated line in the film is “They lied,” referring to the various administrations. Graham and Bradlee are truly perturbed by the actions of particularly the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. Each has been personally close to officials in both.

Furthermore, The Post demonstrates that the interests of the population stand in opposition to those of the authorities. It argues for the press to be independent of and skeptical toward government pronouncements. It that sense, it is a rebuke and condemnation of today’s mainstream media, which has become little more than a propaganda arm of the White House, CIA and Pentagon.

The Post is Spielberg’s filmmaking at his most effective: coherent, well-told, engaging. The entire cast performs with a degree of urgency and commitment. Special mention must go to Hanks, Odenkirk and Greenwood. The filmmakers successfully integrate snippets from Nixon’s infamous, mafia-like audio tapes over the image of a shadowy figure in a White House window. Moreover, the movie’s rhythm and intensity provide a sense of the real rhythm and intensity of the earth-shaking events in 1971.

Support for this effort comes from the score by John Williams, and the script by co-writer Josh Singer who also co-wrote the screenplay for Spotlight, a 2015 exposé of the Catholic Church. Singer presumably has a hand here in doing what he did for that film, creating an unglamorous, “secondary” character who seems entirely devoted to uncovering the truth: in Spotlight, the indefatigable lawyer, Mitchell Garabedian (Stanley Tucci), and here, Odenkirk’s Bagdikian.

Above all, The Post directs the attention of contemporary audiences to a momentous episode. The movie’s production notes point out that the Pentagon Papers “would set off shattering shockwaves that continue to this day. The document…uncovered a dark truth: that vast, wide-ranging deceptions about the deadly war in Vietnam had spanned four presidential administrations, from Truman to Eisenhower, Kennedy to Johnson.

“The Pentagon Papers revealed that each of those Presidents had repeatedly misled the public about U.S. operations in Vietnam, and that even as the government was said to be pursuing peace, behind the scenes the military and CIA were covertly expanding the war. The Papers provided a shadowy history loaded with evidence of assassinations, violations of the Geneva Convention, rigged elections and lies in front of Congress.”

Anti-war protest in The Post

In an interview, Singer said that The Post script had foreseen some present-day parallels under Donald Trump to the era depicted in their film. “It was remarkable how more and more relevant the first amendment theme became as we were in production,” remarked the scriptwriter. “It’s one of the reasons why Steven [Spielberg] wanted to make the movie now.”

The comment is no doubt sincere, but it points in a contradictory fashion to some of the movie’s limitations.

The authentic feeling for the First Amendment and constitutional rights is expressed in a film that, first of all, also offers a highly idealized portrait of its central characters. The Post itself makes mention of the many connections of Graham and Bradlee to the political establishment. McNamara, one of the chief war criminals of the day, was Graham’s close personal friend.

The movie’s feminist coloration is off the mark. The script apparently originated with the desire of screenwriter Liz Hannah “to tell the story of Katharine Graham, the former Washington Post publisher who became the first-ever female CEO of a Fortune 500 company … As Hannah was writing the first draft, the symmetry between Graham and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton seemed to be the most obvious parallel to the present. (She sold the script just 10 days before the election.)” Fortunately, the screenplay evolved from that narrow beginning to take up broader questions. Nonetheless, the emphasis on Graham’s “pioneering” status as a female CEO remains. The filmmakers take for granted this is something to celebrate.

As an antidote to the worship of Graham-Streep, it ought to be remembered that one of the most notorious union-busting operations of the 1970s took place when the publisher set out to break the pressmen’s union at the Post, provoking a strike in October 1975 that ended with mass firings and the frame-up of 15 workers on charges related to slightly damaged equipment in the printing plant. The Post strike is widely considered one of the preludes to the Reagan administration’s destruction of the air traffic controllers union, PATCO, in 1981.

In the Washington Monthly in January 1976, in an article sharply critical of Graham and her activities, the same Ben Bagdikian who hunted down and helped see to the publication of the Pentagon Papers wrote that the Post ’s going public in 1971 marked the “transformation of the daily newspaper in the United States from a family enterprise to a corporation with an obligation to its stockholders to ‘maximize’ profits.”

As for Bradlee, his history may be even more sordid. This Cold War liberal from a Boston Brahmin family, and an intimate friend of John and Jacqueline Kennedy, worked covertly for the CIA in Europe in the 1950s. His sister-in-law in 1971 was Mary Pinchot Meyer, formerly married to Cord Meyer, a high-level CIA official, involved in countless agency operations.

Christopher Reed in a 2014 Guardian obituary detailed how Bradlee had “spent many years undercover as a counter-espionage informant, a government propagandist and an unofficial asset of the Central Intelligence Agency.” Among his credits, according to Reed, included promulgating “CIA-directed European propaganda urging the controversial execution of the convicted American spies Ethel and Julius Rosenberg” in 1953.

As noted above, The Post offers a romanticized version of Graham and Bradlee as heroes of democracy, and that is not to the filmmakers’ credit. Moreover, Spielberg’s rush to shoot and release the film by the end of 2017 apparently had a great deal to do with Trump’s coming to power and his own support for the Democratic Party.

This is not the first time in history of course that a Hollywood movie has shaded the truth about the lives of its central figures. But that has not prevented a host of biographical and historical films from shedding light on important matters. That’s the case here too. The Post has an impact and implications that go beyond the immediate ideas and intentions of the filmmakers.

Spielberg’s film dramatizes, with some insight, the outlook and physiognomy of a bourgeois layer who still retained in 1971 some attachment to and also fear about the abandonment of democratic principles. After all, only one year after the mass protests over the killings at Kent State, what if the Pentagon Papers had gotten beyond the control of the New York Times and the Washington Post? In any event, Graham and Bradlee showed a certain amount of courage and principle in contrast to their counterparts today.

The whole ruling elite has moved dramatically to the right. Graham herself said in 1988 in an address to the CIA: “There are some things the general public does not need to know and shouldn’t … I believe democracy flourishes when the government can take legitimate steps to keep its secrets and when the press can decide whether to print what it knows.”

In November of 2010, at the height of the revelations published by WikiLeaks of US actions in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries, former New York Times executive editor Bill Keller published a piece stressing that in considering whether or not to disclose state secrets, the Times engaged in “extensive and serious discussions with the government.” Keller wrote: “We agree wholeheartedly that transparency is not an absolute good. Freedom of the press includes freedom not to publish, and that is a freedom we exercise with some regularity.” There would be no publication of the Pentagon Papers in our day.

It is inconceivable that the 1971 Supreme Court decision allowing the Timesand Post to publish the documents would be handed down today. The courts now routinely rule that the government has the right to suppress information and spy on everybody in the interests of “national security.”

The Post cites a passage from Justice Hugo Black’s 1971 ruling. It is worth quoting at greater length:

In the First Amendment the Founding Fathers gave the free press the protection it must have to fulfill its essential role in our democracy. The press was to serve the governed, not the governors. The Governments power to censor the press was abolished so that the press would remain forever free to censure the Government. The press was protected so that it could bare the secrets of government and inform the people. Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government.  In my view, far from deserving condemnation for their courageous reporting, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and other newspapers should be commended for serving the purpose that the Founding Fathers saw so clearly.

The fate of Daniel Ellsberg, who never went to jail and was even widely honored, was far different from that of Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. In 2011, an 80-year-old Ellsberg, commenting on the 40th anniversary of the release of the Pentagon Papers, wrote: What we need released this month are the Pentagon Papers of Iraq and Afghanistan (and Pakistan, Yemen and Libya).”

In an interview with CNN at that time, Ellsberg noted that the crimes committed by the Nixon administration against him 40 years ago could now be carried out under the cover of law by the Obama White House.

The list of crimes “includes burglarizing my former psychoanalyst’s office… warrantless wiretapping, using the CIA against an American citizen in the US, and authorizing a White House hit squad to ‘incapacitate me totally’ (on the steps of the Capitol on May 3, 1971),” Ellsberg said. “But under George W. Bush and Barack Obama, with the PATRIOT Act, the FISA Amendment Act, and (for the hit squad) President Obama’s executive orders,” those crimes “have all become legal.”

To whatever extent Spielberg, Singer and company are aware of the vast decay of American democracy, it is the most vital feature that the discerning viewer will take away from The Post.

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