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Thank you for browsing my blog

I introduce how to Make a Mini Guitar Amp which I introduced on Youtube.

I recieved some request mail for "How to make a Mini Amp".

The sound is very nice and cost is low, and, it is suitable for the mid night lesson. The sound is small and nice.

I am glad if this is helpfull for you, however, please note that I am not responsible to the any results and troubles about your making. I can not support you.

1.Speaker Case: I use cheap ash tray made by metal.
Depending on the material of the case, sound character changes. I tried some types. I prefer metal can, because the sound is more trebly and I could get refrected sound (It is like a reverb).

2.In side of the Mini Amp.

3.Out side

4.Plastic net for the plant pot.
Cut off the part of jack and volue by a scissors.

5.Speaker - This is a speaker for the TV sound exrtension.
I bought it very cheap. It cost abt 100(US$1.5)
(Power of the speaker is 0.5W). Take off the speaker from the plastic case carefully. If you have other small speaker, ok, you can use it.

6.Electrical Parts
Please see the photo bellow (Left to right of the photo)
Electrolytic Capacitor:
Film Capasitor
Phonejack・・1pc mono phone Jack with switch
(ex. switchcraft #12A)
Volume 2KΩB(Linear VOLUME "B" POT)
JRC NJM 386・・1pc (I prefer (JRC)NJM386 than (Pananasonic)LM386)
Battery Socket・・1pc
Battery 9V(006P) ・・1pc
Cables ・・ each color approx ・・30cm x 6
Tin plated copper wire(0.5mm dia) ・・1meter
*This wire is usd for the wiring of printed circuit board(back side).

universal circuit board

Fix the net and speaker by this Glue Gun. I recommend to use Clear Glue.

Please see the circuit bellow. Solder the parts carefully.

Polarity of the Electrolytic Capacitor is important. Pls take care, when fixing.

The mini amp which I introduced on Yourtube has a different circuit. If you need the information about it, please refer to the web site of

I hope you are successfull! BYE - BYE

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コメント日が  古い順  |   新しい順 (Afdhal Atiff Tan Bin Amin Husaini Tan)
2009-08-26 01:59:37
Thanks for sharing!!

Very clear and easy to understand...
Unknown (JAKE(じゃけ))
2009-08-26 12:54:58
To:Afdhal Atiff Tan Bin Amin Husaini Tan

You are welcom!

すごいですね! (Kanisushi13)
2009-10-29 18:31:26
Kanisushi13さん (JAKE(じゃけ))
2009-10-29 19:20:17

作ってみました!!!! (Kanisushi13)
2010-01-01 15:12:23
Kanisushi13さん (JAKE(じゃけ))
2010-01-02 00:06:06


お友達に自慢してください~! (nikcki)
2011-11-02 11:31:10
hi, a question:
can i add a on/of switch?
thanks :D
hi (JAKE)
2011-11-02 22:54:22
You can add on-off switch in the circuit of course.

However, on-off switch is not necessary. Most of the effect pedals use stereo type of in-put jack for a power switch.

About the deatalies, please refer to the links as below:

Basic Information about wiring power in Stompboxes:

Ground, Battery, Input, Output:
nikcki (
2011-12-02 02:32:44
hi! another question:
will it work with a 5k ohm pot?
i didn't find 2k
thanks :D
nikcki (JAKE)
2011-12-02 21:22:59

I hope 5kΩ pot will work.

If you have resistor of 3.3kΩ or 3.9kΩ, please put it parallely to the pot.

It will be better.