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2014-09-03 15:43:52 | 日記
Making IR-B 5C ECO Trumpet mouhpiece which will be delivered to Wind Crew Music store. Also all of the mouthpieces, etc are buffed ready for Silver Plating. Looking mighty Gooooooooood!

IR-B 5C ECO トランペットマウスピースの製作をしました。ウインドクルー様へ納品の予定です。その他、今週作ったマウスピースとアダプタのバフ掛け。銀メッキへGO!


2014-09-02 14:29:45 | 日記


I am working on a customer ordered Trumpet mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is made according to the customer spec as well as changes being applied. This is because the mouthpiece need to be tuned in best ballance as an instrument. Weight ballance of outside and its shapes are very important. See the difference in outside looks of the finish products. There are quite a few mouthpiece makers who only design just its looks.

TGIF, again!

2014-08-29 11:28:23 | 日記

Making Trombone mouthpiece shank adaptor (Small to Large Shank adaptor.) Need precise cut to the precise measurements for the customer specification. It is very Exhausting work more than making a mouthpiece itself!


2014-08-28 14:51:06 | 日記
Hey! I am back again, working. Back from my late summer holiday! Anyway, I was working on a customer ordered Flugel horn mouthpiece. Look ! It is really good looking, isn't it? Also, I received an IR-B 3C ECO Trumpet mouthpiece back from the plater, silver plated. It is also a great looking mouthpiece. This will be delivered to Wind Crew Musc store!

今日からまた、仕事がんばっています。本日は、お客様ご注文分のフリューゲルホルン用のマウスピースです。なかなかカッコ良くできたんじゃないでしょうか?  カッコだけではだめですので、内容もじっくり煮詰めさせていただきました。
また、先週作ったIR-B 3C ECOのトランペットマウスピースがメッキから戻ってきましたので、パッキングをしてウインドクルー様へ発送いたしました。