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Teeth whitening Frequently Asked Questions

2016-09-19 14:03:37 | dental equipment

This whitening method it safe?
Teeth whitening technique is absolutely safe, low temperature cold, completely avoid the discomfort, hydrophilic drugs and do not touch the gums whitening process during operation of the tooth nerve stimulation caused, and will not cause tooth enamel any damage.

My teeth whitening for you?
Virtually every person would like to have white teeth, you can enjoy whitening treatment brings surprising results. This includes general exogenous pigment teeth (coffee, tea stains, smoke stains deposition), mild tetracycline stained teeth, dental fluorosis, drug-induced discolored teeth, hereditary yellow teeth.

Whitening effect can maintain long?
The length of holding time for personal eating habits and tooth structure and different, generally maintained for about two years.

My teeth can become more white?
Clinical trials show that teeth whitening technology, its effect can be increased 5-14 VITA Levels, an average increase of 9 VITA Levels. Everyone's effect will depend on its original color of the teeth and personal circumstances, eventually you'll have a bright, white teeth.

Does it hurt?
Generally, teeth whitening process technology will not cause pain, only a handful of people may have a slight discomfort after treatment, can disappear in a short time, it is recommended after treatment to avoid hot or cold within 24 hours.

How long does the whitening process?
Just 30-40 minutes, years of stained teeth magically wiped out. Spend time with your haircut, manicure or tea-time or less the same, it is so simple.

What is done to pay attention to?
Within 24 hours after treatment, it is easy to be infected tooth colored material, you must avoid drinking tea, coffee, cola, red wine, berries beverages, avoid using colored toothpaste and mouthwash, and eating dark foods, try to avoid smoking.

My teeth whitening just one more time?
Most people, a treatment to achieve satisfactory results. For people with darker pigmented individual teeth, you need more than one treatment, on the basis of the previous whitening can have some improvement.

Compared with other whitening What is the difference?
The technology from the United States, it has the advantage of immediate whitening effect, without any side effects, no damage to the teeth, whitening the best results.

Or of porcelain veneers will have effect?
All whitening methods porcelain veneers or dental root canal treatment done and teeth do not have very good results, consult a dentist in order to get the best treatment.

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