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ようこそ我が家へ、灰ちゃん!(Welcome to our family, Hai-chan!)

2020-08-07 12:31:20 | MN生活(11年目)(MN2020-21)
Hello there!

How's your life treating you today?

When I'm writing this article, Andy's up north at Dad&Mom's rental place to help them work on building their new cabin and moving in there. He's going to be there for a couple of days.

I wish I could do at the cabin for them, but it's pretty hard to do it with May-chan now. So, it's an indirect way, but I hope that I can be a help by watching May-chan and the house so that Andy can be with Dad&Mom for us.

May-chan's been very energetic and happy as usual, but it's more though to watch her and a day feels much longer since she doesn't need to nap during the day anymore. I've tried to put her in the crib several times, but she strongly resisted and cried, so I gave up.

She still takes a nap only occasionally but mostly doesn't need to these days, so I barely keep up with her everyday.

So, I wrote about how we said Good-Bye to my car, Gin-chan, that I drove for 8.5 years on the last 4 articles here, and today I want to introduce the new member of our family to you.

In my family, Andy prefers to drive a sport car type since he loves to run fast, which means that I'm the one who drives a bigger and more practical car so that we can carry more things.

So, Andy and I were saying, "We want a same-size car as Gin-chan or even a bigger one when we need to buy one after Gin-chan." even since before we started considering to buy a new car.

For a practical use, Andy liked a Van and lightly recommended it to me, but I didn't like the shape and said "No."

FYI, Van is like this shape.

Pickup trucks would be a good option when you think about practical use, and Andy would love to have one to carry a lot of things once. Though, they're too big for me to drive comfortably.

It wouldn't be a matter to drive a truck on a freeway or somewhere wide, but I'd have to get nervous all the time when I need to park in a small spot around others' cars like at a grocery store. Haha.

Mom drives this big truck though. Wow.

So, the compromise came to reach SUV after all to match both a practical use to carry a lot of things and a comfortable size to drive for me.
(Yeah, Gin-chan was SUV too.)

The options that Andy showed me first were 3 cars, 2 Mercedes Benz and 1 Honda.

Honda Pilot was one of the options.

So, out of 3 options, here's the one that I chose.

Tada! 2017 Mercedes Benz GLE350

I mentioned this before here, but I like Mercedes Benz brand even though I don't know much about cars in general. So, why not? I picked up Benzo for my car! LOL

I named her "Hai-chan". (It's simply because she's gray/ash (Hai means gray/ash in Japanese.) and I thought it's cute that her name also sounded like "Hi!" in English too.)

As you might already notice it, but she's a used car.

She's used, but a certified used car just like the Benzo which Andy purchased in April.

What does certified pre-owned (CPO) mean?

A CPO car is one that is previously owned, usually with no more than 60,000 to 80,000 miles and no older than five to seven years. (The time and mileage warranties vary by manufacturer.) CPO cars are backed by the original manufacturer, subjected to a rigorous, multi-point inspection and come with an extended warranty from the original date of service good at any dealer in the country.

(The resource)

My new car, Hai-chan, also has a warranty and all the problems are going to be covered with the warranty for the next 4 years.

The other Benzo that Andy showed me was pretty much same car as Hai-chan but it was a higher grade with more luxury interior and a little bit more expensive than Hai-chan.

Andy said that the equipment for drive itself was almost same as Hai-chan, so I thought that Hai-chan would be perfect for me because I didn't care about luxury stuff at all and Hai-chan was cheaper.

So, this is all about how I picked up my new car, Hai-chan, after Gin-chan.

I've been still in the quarantine life and don't have many chances to drive somewhere, but I'm really looking forward to making a lot of fun and safe trips with her.

Okay, this is all for today. Thank you for reading again!!!

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