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父の日のプレゼント、これにした訳。(Why I got this for Andy as a Father's day present)

2020-07-06 21:14:20 | MN生活(11年目)(MN2020-21)
Hello there!

How's your day going today?

So, I wrote about our Father's day on the last couple of articles here and May-chan and I gave 3 presents to Andy.

He got stainless BBQ skewers for Yakitorri.

And a set of pizza stone, peel and cutter for homemade pizza.

Then, this handy coffee grinder.

Me personally, the coffee grinder was the main present among 3 of them.

It was a coffee grinder, but I got this so that Andy could use it as a spice grinder.

As you might already know this, but Andy is our grill man and often cooks delicious meal on his charcoal grill or smoker. His smokes ribs are super yummy!

He's especially passionate about smoking ribs and participates an annual rib cook-off hosted by his co-worker almost every year. He actually won the 1st place in 2013. Haha


リブコンテスト (Rib Cook-Off 2018) - Hit-Chanのワクワクしてるよ!(Hit-Chan's WakuWaku Life!)


リブコンテスト (Rib Cook-Off 2018) - Hit-Chanのワクワクしてるよ!(Hit-Chan's WakuWaku Life!)


でですね、リブを燻製する前日にリブラブ(Rib Rub)と呼ばれる、いわゆる色んなスパイスを混ぜたものをお肉にまぶしておくんです。
In general, when you smoke ribs, you put spice mix called rib rub on the meat on a day before or so.

Of course, you can find bunch of kinds of rib rub at a grocery store, but Andy makes his own rib rub by mixing several kinds of spices.

Andy usually cooks 1-2 racks of ribs at once.

1 rack is the one chunk of meat in this pic.

As you can see it in the picture above, 1 rack of ribs is pretty big which means that you need a certain amount of rib rub to put on it too.

When Andy makes his own rib rub, he always had a struggle in the process, which was grinding black pepper.

We usually use this type of pepper mill for cooking.

Though, when you want to grind a lot of peppers at once with this type of mill, it takes much time and energy.

A couple of years ago, Dad&Mom got this type of pepper grinder for Andy. It's an electric one.

A for the one that Dad&Mom got for Andy, if you tip it over, the inside cutter parts automatically rotates and then grinded pepper comes out.

It's super easy to grind pepper corns just by tipping it over, but the only drawback about it was taking forever to get a lot of pepper corns ground at once.

I also though about this type of grinder but a lot of people use it as a spice grinder as well. The structure is like a food processer, and it has a couple cutters spinning so fast and crush beans/peppers into very small pieces.

I once asked Andy, "Why don't you like this type of grinder? You can grind a lot of peppers at once so easily." Then, "Yeah, I have tried to use it once, but I didn't like it because the size of the pieces were so different. Some of them were smaller and others were bigger." answered Andy.

After I thought what would be the best way to grind a lot of pepper corns at once without taking much time and effort...,

I reached this type, a handy coffee grinder.

The structure is basically same as a general pepper grinder, but this one has a handle which makes it much easier to rotate the gear part.

It's supposed to grind coffee beans, so I considered that it should be easy to grind the amount of coffee beans for a cup of coffee with it, then why not? I also should be easy to do the same thing with pepper corns as well.

This type is compact enough to carry around like bringing it to hiking or something, and also you can adjust the grinding size from coarse to fine too. So, I thought that this type of grinder would be the perfect tool as a pepper mill that Andy had been looking for.

Still, I had no idea if Andy's going to really like it or nor since he's the one who would use it.

He actually tried it right away after he got it.

"This is awesome!!!"

said Andy. I was so relieved and super happy to hear that.

I don't know if this article would be helpful for somebody, but just in case there's someone who wants to grind a lot of pepper corns at once. LOL

Okay, this is all for today. Thank you for reading again!!!

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