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父の日2020 後編 (Father's Day 2020)

2020-07-04 12:39:06 | MN生活(11年目)(MN2020-21)
Hi there!

皆様、Happy 4th of July!!
Happy 4th of July, everyone!!

How's everyone doing?

Me? Well, the other day I slipped and fell down the stairs when I was going downstairs to do laundry. It was at the last couple of steps, but I hit my butt hard on the floor.

Andy heard the big noise and came out to check if I was okay. Yeah, I'm 36 years old now, but got tears because of the mental shock and the pain in my butt. Haha.
(Do you remember when you fell and cried last?)

My butt is still sore, but that's all and nothing serious about my body. So, don't worry about me. Though, I felt very pitiful about the fact that I fell and cried like a child at the age of 36.

Of course, my loving hubby gave me a big and warm hug to make me feel better.

Okay, without further ado, I want to share the rest of our Father's day.

After we gave a Father's day card and a Mother's day card from 3 of us (Andy, May-chan and me) to Dad&Mom, it's time to give Andy a couple of cards and presents from May-chan and me.

She's reading a card from me to Andy together with her daddy.

Okay now, it's really a present time!

The first one was stainless BBQ skewers.

I imported a box of genuine Bincho-tan (high-qualitied charcoal) from Japan some years ago and since then, Andy and I have talked, "Let's do Yakitori with the charcoal!!" So, pretty much to make my wish come true, I got them as a present for Andy.

The second one was a handy coffee grinder.

It's sold as a coffee grinder, but I bought this for Andy so that he could use it as a spice grinder.

As for the reason why I wanted to get this for Andy, I'd like to talk about it more on the next article here.

The last one was a set of pizza stone, cutter and peel.

To be honest, all I wanted was a pizza peel, but I ended up buying this one because the peel was the closest size to what I was looking for and looked well made. Plus, the price was more reasonable than other peels sold individually. Haha.

I'm glad to hear that Andy liked all 3 presents from May-chan and me.

After the present time, we put May-chan in bed and started special Father's dinner with Andy's special smoked pork.

Here's the special pork. I don't remember how long he smoke it though. (Maybe 8 hours?)

You might think that it's burnt, but it was just the surface rubbed with some spices. It turned so black since the spices got smoked for a long time and it's not bitter at all. The layer was rather more flavorful with the smoked spices.

ホークでホロホロに崩れるので、こんな感じに崩しました。これはPulled Porkって呼びます。
It was super tender and easy to be shreded with a fork. It's called "Pulled pork" in English.

Andy also opened a bottle of sparkling wine.

I made this pulled pork sandwich with my homemade coleslaw and BBQ sauce. It was super yummy!!!

Thank you for everything, Dad&Mom!

I actually asked Dad&Mom a couple of questions that I wanted ask them for a long time like, 'What did you guys think about me when you first met me?" or "What did you guys think when Andy said he wanted to marry me?" And it's very interesting for me to hear the story from their side.

Anyways, Andy seemed to have a great day too, which was all I wanted. (You can definitely tell that we've been in the quarantined life from our hair styles, can't you?)

Okay, this article got longer than I expected, but I'm happy that Andy had a nice day on his 2nd Father's day too!

Okay, this is all for today. Thank you for reading again!!!

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Unknown (mashu)
2020-07-06 10:53:56
mashuさん (Hit-chan)
2020-07-06 11:27:15
5年前、災難でしたね、mashuさんに比べたら私の階段落ちなんて可愛いもんでした。(笑) 次男くん、ちょっとは心配してくれても良いのにねぇ。傍から見てたらmashuさんが結構しゃんとしてたのかもしれませんね。お互い階段には気を付けましょう!!(笑)

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