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久しぶりに夫婦二人の時間 (Precious time with only 2 of us)

2020-07-08 12:35:52 | MN生活(11年目)(MN2020-21)
Hello there!

How's your life treating you today?

So, I talked about our father's day with Dad&Mom the other day.

This is about the day after Father's day, and Andy and I asked mom to watch May-chan for a couple of hours so that we could have some time just with 2 of us for the first time after 4 months or so.

We still concerned about the risk of COVID-19 even though the businesses were gradually reopening, so we went to a park near our house just to take a walk and hang around.

Andy looked up a couple of parks around our house and found a good one for us as usual.

We picked up a couple of drinks at a Caribou on the way to the park.

I hadn't been to a Caribou for a while and sadly I forgot most of the menu that I used to completely memorize when I worked there.
(Yeah, I'm sure that the memories you don't use often will be lost so quick. Haha)

Anyways, we got to the park!

I originally assumed that there would be a lot of people hanging around in the park since the Stay-at-home restrictions due to COVID-19 were gradually removed. Though, a happy surprise! We didn't see almost any people in the park at the time.

It was a big park and that's the one of the reasons why we didn't see many people in the park for sure, but we didn't see anybody walking on the trail at all.

Again, it was a happy surprise for me that there's no people there. I didn't have to worry about social distance or something and could be totally comfortable.

So, Andy and I enjoyed chatting about a lot of things during the walk.

As I was walking, my body was telling me, "Hey, you haven't walked at all for a long time, have you??" LOL

After we took a walk on the trail for 10mins or so, we sat down at the table in the picnic area and had some reading time.

Like this, there were some table and bench sets on the well maintained grass and thanks to that, we could have such a comfortable time there.

As you can see it in the picture above, there's nobody but us in the picnic area too.

Hit-chanはこの日大好きな藤沢周平さんの本を読みました。(飲み物はHot Crafted Press with Caramelにしました。美味しかった~!)
I brought one of my favorite authors, Shuhei Fujisawa's book. (My Caribou drink of the day was Hot Crafted Press with Caramel. Yummy!)

Andy was enjoying a book about meat which was a gift from our friends, Tom&Kat. LOL

Again, there's nobody but us around, so all we could hear was the tweet of birds.

May-chan always makes noises in our house, so Andy and I said, "So quiet!!" and enjoyed the precious time with 2 of us.

Again, it was the first time for us to spend time just with 2 of us after a long time, and both of us were so satisfied with the way that we utilized the limited time at the maximum.

Okay, this is all for today. Thank you for reading again!!!

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