It's time to shine the high beams on the low beam issue

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The secret is out; it’s only a bulb..Pull back to release it. You can find it quickly at; www. The best price I found is $61, although several were on E Bay for $45..wihatools..Also, visually inspect the connector that plugs into the Daytime Running Lights Control Module located LED Street Light behind the left side of the dash; Pins have been known to back out of the connector housing. The low beam bulb, roughly the same size as a regular bulb, has an electrode at its base...

If both bulbs Led filament bulb work intermittently there is a wiring problem.When handling the new bulb it is extremely important to wear a pair of latex gloves.Pull the old bulb and note the position of the electrode..
Acura’s with daytime running light faults are draining their owner’s wallets.Push down on the tab until it clicks.. Inside is a filament, igniter, and inverter circuit.

It's time to shine the high beams on the low beam issue.. Not just the cost of the bulb, but the tremendously inflated labor fee tacked on by dealers and repair shops.Skin oil transferred to the surface of the bulb will ruin it. Some want to change the entire headlight assembly for $250 a side... This label is an attention getter.

How do you change the bulb? I'll use a 2002 Acura TL as an example. Remarks like these border on the criminal. Remove the positive battery cable. This feature, introduced in 1999, utilizes a low beam bulb containing an igniter/inverter circuit.

. Part #70142.Hold the bulb backing and install the locking There is a label on the back cover of the headlight assembly that warns of the presence of 24,000 volts which can kill you... If you know it's only a bulb, why would you call it an inverter? The price range of the low beam bulb is as wide as a canyon. A safety statement; However it's a little over the top. Others who experience loss of low beam lights, having not read the fright phrase, are shocked anyway when told; "This will cost you $'s the inverters".. This tool is worth the $20 cost and can be purchased at major tool stores. The technology, although state of the art, has a serious flaw; Cost.... The bulb is manufactured by; Sylvania, Raytheon, and Heliolite, just to name a few. In one reported instance, the customer was told they needed an entire front bumper and both headlight assemblies.Make sure the new one goes in straight; No twisting.Check for a solid ground (zero ohms on the X10 scale) on the black wire of the connector that was removed to replace the bulb; Measure with connector removed..Remove the baffle that is in front of the air filter housing (2 plastic clips).. The driver’s side is the more difficult of the two... Don't throw your hard earned cash into "The Money Pit"..Pull the over flow container up and out.. Highs of $250 have been quoted. The real message is clear; Take it to the dealer. It requires the use of a #20 Torx with a security tip. This little bulb is what some mechanics refer to as "The Inverter"...You will see a gray 2- wire connector under the light cover.Now you can remove the cover over the bulb.

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