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知人T-A friend T 認識年齢と生物的年齢-Cognitive age and biological age

2017年01月05日 13時59分00秒 | 生き方


Speaking with mind without using mouth.


At that moment, a language becomes necessary.


Zazen motivated I met a friend.


I have known him through internet so don’t know his face yet


-the unknown part creates imagination of him.


The friend T revealed his age of 74


-if he didn’t mention I would have thought he might be in 40’s


-he does not let me feel his 70’s.


When I talking with friend T with typing-


-human’s biological age is depended on 『Degree of Consciousness』


-it seems to make the aging.


If focus on how old and counting age steadily


-the conscious draws attention and becomes center.


I don’t count my age.


Basically, I am not good at math and have allergies on numbers.


Even though I don’t count my age, on ID card or Driver’s license


-my age is written on it without doubt


-only when my age comes to be confirmed, see it and surprised.


When the friend T explained Einstein’s theory to me


-his intelligence that beyond his age was like

-a young man who has burning ambition


-his mind elasticity has bounced vivid.



Also from his sentences, his personality has combined with knowledge


-making me feel harmonious beauty.


Although my husband has dignity in using words


-but friend T’s Japanese and English have more of

   品格+ユーモア=言葉の真意  がさらにある。

  Dignity + Humor = True meaning of words


Once I compared the linguistic difference of him to my husband


-pretending understood by looking my Japanese I was typing


 “That's it, I know Japanese" he joked


-and went away somewhere before I ask how he understood.


What I realized in the morning session of zazen yesterday morning


Perhaps, the life form of『I』which regarded as ego that


-is an empty filling lingered by language and consciousness


-may be smoke of an incense stick…as I thought


-the thought was gone like the smoke.

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Unknown (Eric The Husband)
2017-01-07 03:32:01
Now I REALLY understand. Excellent post.
Reading this brings a thought.
I have always wondered about the self experience of animals, cats, dogs, elephants and other mammals, and even reptiles or fish.
How do animals experience the world and themselves without any language?
Animals, particularly mammals from what I have observed, clearly have understanding, and they learn from their environment as well as instinct, but they do this all without language.
I think animals like humans, have an inner dialogue as they go through their daily activities, but the dialogue must be without words.
I imagine their experience is no less rich and varied than our own.
Perhaps Zen is a way, at least temporarily, TO BE without language.
Unknown (Taky)
2017-01-07 05:01:54
Hi, Eric, Her Husband.

The right sphere of Human brain doesn't speak.
But it surely recognizes Space and Emotion.
Zen emphasizes right brain's activity.

Guess other amimals communicate by emotion,
and keep spaces each other.

Only human beings have words and ,thus,argues,
and invade other people's territory.

Only human lawyers can asisit someone's suffering.
Hope you protect children's happiness.

Happy New Year.

Please don't forget to protect your wife, The
Precious One, from full of your heart!!
意識と加齢 (のしてんてん)
2017-01-07 14:24:28



意識という空間 (hasunohana1966)
2017-01-08 05:03:34



Unknown (Eric)
2017-01-08 10:45:44
Hello Taky:

Thank you so much for your reply. It is my great pleasure to meet you.

The brain is fascinating, still a frontier of science and exploration. We can use the Hubble telescope and peer at galaxies 11 billion light years away, yet the brain and consciousness we use to analyze the data is still an organ about which we have much to learn as a species.
I was thinking about your comments on the way animals can use spacial recognition and emotional response to interact with their environment and communicate. It makes much sense.

The lateralization of brain function between the hemispheres tells us that the mind is constructed somewhat like the body. The body is, of course, an amalgam of cells with specialized functions and together, they form a functioning organism. So the brain has "cells" or areas of cortex evolved to handling specific tasks.
I have met people who are very "language dominant". Also, some seem to have an noticeable wide range of skills. My mother was a person who had varied talents that appeared to cross hemispheres. She was ambidextrous, able to use both right and left hand equally.
Anyway, your message motivated me to do a little research and I found the following article which indicates a small part of the human population has unlateralized language skills, spreading across both hemispheres. I hope the following link can be accessed by you and that you find it interesting.

In case you can't link to it, one paragraph from the article reads as follows (very interesting):

"Recent studies have shown that in around 97% of people, language is represented in the left hemisphere. However, in about 19% of left-handed people, the areas responsible for language are in the right hemisphere and as many as 68% of them have some language abilities in both the left and the right hemispheres."

Evolution is always experimenting to find useful adaptations. I guess we are each little experiments that advance in some small way the cosmos in understanding itself. Anyway, that is my belief and hope.

My brother posted an article about Octopus minds on his facebook page the very same day you sent me your message on Keiren's blog. (Happy coincidence.)

Anyway, I hope you can link to this article and enjoy it. It is titled:" OTHER MINDS
The Octopus, the Sea, and the Deep Origins of Consciousness."


Take care and kind regards...

Eric Applebaum
なんとなく (のしてんてん)
2017-01-08 13:47:02


To Eric (Taky)
2017-01-09 09:30:16
Thank you for your reply.
I still didn't have time to go over to the articles you linked. I will do it soon or later.

What came to my mind, though, is that the history of scientific research on Human Brain is still new, only 20years in majority of researches with late 10 years' big burst.

I don't think that the anatomical structure of brain
cells have any difference from right to left of the brain hemispheres.
They must be the same, but can be functionally deferenciated as logical circuits by each person depending on how human beings tend to input external informations to the brain.

It seems very interesting to know why majority of people use the right hand instead of the left hand.
It must have sure reason in the past (as DNA succeeds) why we do so.

But anyway the right hand is used to write and
express your thoughts by gestures in majority of
people(hand talk?? or using weapons in the past??).
And the right hand's nerve fibers are connected to the left side of brain. That's why the left brain controls words and speeches most of the cases.

Samely ,the right side eye which is also connected to
the left brain, recognizes letters and some kind of descriptions,
and the left side eye which is connected to the right side brain recognizes spatial picture of the world.

The ear function is similar. Right ear hears your words, and left ear hears wordless sounds
(as far as I understand).

It's very interesting to know that the anatomical structure of eyes and ears must be identical.
Then why function can be differentiated??

Which one of five senses creates brain hemi-spheres' specialization first,
and which organs of five senses modify their functions depending on the brain function (= as an
order from the brain)?
Interest continues!!

It would be very interesting to talk with you.
Let's continue our conversation.

Thank you. My best regards.

Unknown (taky)
2017-01-09 09:33:34
のしてんてんさんへ (hasunohana1966)
2017-01-10 13:15:52
To 2 men (hasunohana1966)
2017-01-11 06:35:53
I don't have article-data to say my opinion for language brain hemisphere but from my experience, women's language brain is almighty to get what they want.
But men's language brain only can work when its work can bring money and a curvy woman. Later one always has lisky and hard to get but the difficulty is worthy when you grab'em by the language.
Both the money and the curvy have no grantee to get how much you tried but your language brain can save as a brave trial and as a trophy, so carry on to develop quality of language.

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