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Recently, Rubie’s has become frustrated with U.S. Customs wholesale christmas costumes again. It claims the agency is applying its festive-apparel rule inconsistently. At issue are Santa Claus suits, which Rubie’s says fall into the festive category and Customs classifies as outfits and subjects them to high taxes.

Witherspoon has been particularly drawn to the subject of women wholesale fashion dresses telling stories about women. “I try to tell stories that people don’t really think about,” she says. “Not necessarily [about] women who are in big cities but women who are outside big cities. [I want to] tell the stories of people who live every day and in different parts of the world that aren’t necessarily captured on film as frequently.”

When you buy a costume, ask for details about the store's wholesale halloween costumes return policy. Are all costumes final sale? Do they accept unworn costumes after October 31st? If you return something for store credit, where can you use that credit once the store is gone for the season? It's a good idea to shop with a credit card and save your receipts, so you can dispute any charges if need be.
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