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Close to explosion

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So many ideas are running in my brain.
I have write them down!

I am looking for a passionate life.
I can't help indulging myself in the world of aromatherapy, my mysterious cactus craze, and my dreams to travel out!

C'est la vie et je l'aime!


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看了某個調查文章,現代日本社會(年輕人),有男子氣概的男生只剩下33% 其餘的都是沒有男子氣概的人(67%)。

No worries

2015年10月26日 16時21分00秒 | Daily Life 2015
There is no standard answer to a person's life. When I go through the ups and downs, I should understand that what the most important thing is to me. I am still experiencing and discovering the definition of myself.

I was born in a peaceful island which provided me not only daily food but also plenty of opportunities and choices. One of the choices is to leave this small island and go to a bigger country either thru travels or works so seek more different life experiences.

I have to grasp the chance while it is still in my hand. - That is the voice whispering inside my heart. I let the highest wisdom guides my decisions. There is no failure in any situations so take heart and go.

Hi God, I am gonna leave my worries to you.


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V已完成 2015年9月1日上午9時起至9月15日24時止 N3日文檢定申請 (11月上旬收到准考證)

即將完成: 2015年11月2日(一)-11月6日(五) 申請日本WH VISA


2015年12月6日(日) N3日文檢定試験

2015年12月11日(五) WH VISA審査結果発表

2015年12月14日(一)-2016年12月14日(二) VISA申請成功後可領證時間

2016年3月上旬 收到N3日文檢定成績單

Progress Review

2015年08月18日 10時54分29秒 | Daily Life 2015
After I reviewed my execution progress, I found there are some obstacles making it difficult to fully practice my plan.

1. N3 Japanese Class - Lots of homework than what I expected.

2. Dietary restrictions to keep fit - Hard to keep going on but barely okay. No much time to cook by myself.

3. Workout at gym - Due to lots of Japanese homework and a film shooting activity this month, I have to reduce the frequency from 3 times a week to 1 - 2 times a week.


2015年9月1日上午9時起至9月15日24時止 N3日文檢定申請 (11月上旬收到准考證)

2015年11月2日(一)-11月6日(五) 申請日本WH VISA

2015年12月6日(日) N3日文檢定試験

2015年12月11日(五) WH VISA審査結果発表

2015年12月14日(一)-2016年12月14日(二) VISA申請成功後可領證時間

2016年3月上旬 收到N3日文檢定成績單 (也太晩XD)


2015年07月12日 10時45分26秒 | Daily Life 2015
7月下旬開始 高頻飲食生活(蔬菜水果為主)減少或禁食低頻食物,順便練習料理。


8月開始 尋找合適的日語補習班


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2015年06月18日 12時52分10秒 | Daily Life 2015
I have made a decision to break the rules, the chains, the boundaries restricting me from practicing the things I eager to do.

Many Taiwanese people have adventurous characteristics because in the old times
pirates lived here, where the survival environment was so tough, but they struggled and survived. Maybe my pirate ancestors, my grandfather who once joined an underground rebel party against ROC government, and then my father, from generation to generation, passed this interesting DNA down on me.

I hear a calling in the depth of my soul and then I do it, sometimes with , sometimes without an organized plan. I am leading my life in that way and so far so good. Tout va bien. In fact, most of the results amazed and encouraged myself. So I will keep doing that way. I do not regret but enjoy the process. For somehow I know, no one is really a loser of life even when you look like that in some perspectives. Light can be seen whenever / wherever you seek it. Love is always there and it never fails. So, enjoy it and rejoyce!

The journey of souls

2015年06月14日 21時11分31秒 | Daily Life 2015
Every soul has its own story. Every soul has its unique experience. Their unique journeys reflect on their transparent spiritual bodies and formed different colors.

Through the darkness, being hurt and being healed, they are moving slowly forward, attracted by a warm, pure bright light which seems to be alive, full of love and a complete understanding, whispering "Welcome to this world, my beloved children..."

So simple but so important

2015年06月12日 21時59分30秒 | Daily Life 2015
Be independent, be strong, be happy
Be independent, be strong, be happy
Be independent, be strong, be happy

Such sentences are echoing in my head.

I am still learning to be responsible for my own life.
Before giving love to others, I love myself first.

Love, cherish and value myself, so I know how to love, cherish and value other ones I love.

I have a quiet but strong passion to pursue all kinds of things that I love. It is so simple, so pure, and so beautiful. Even as I get older and older... this part of me that formed in the very beginning, in my childhood, doesn't change at all, and I hope it will last forever.

The spirit of Rock N Roll

2015年05月18日 12時26分30秒 | Daily Life 2015
How fast the time flies does not really matter as it flies as always.

What matters to me is that if I ever take a chance in my lifetime to do what I wanted to do instead of what I am obliged to do. I just can't wait until it's too late...

The spirit of Rock N Roll and my faith in Christ are teaching me that in the depth of my soul...
Yes. I must go for that, right now without hesitation.


2015年05月10日 10時05分59秒 | Weblog
It is almost impossible to ignore the coal fire secretly burning inside my heart even I tried to put out the fire.

So, I chose to be honest with myself.

As a rocker, I took part in Mr.children's concert ticket lucky draw. (Even though I am not able to know the result until I arrive in Japan)

As an OD fan, I decided to meet my old investigator friends.

I never thought one day I would plan a trip to Yokohama until I suddenly got inspired by someone.

Life is beautiful when you have something that you're so digging into and passionate for.

Life is like a firework - Being splendid is the definite purpose.

Loving each other is the best way not only to abundance and happiness, but also to the eternal life.

That is my philosophy. :)


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