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朝日記190711 ワシントンでフェイクニュースを集めていい気になっている人たちがいるようだときょうの絵

2019-07-11 20:51:19 | 政治

朝日記190711 ワシントンでフェイクニュースを集めていい気になっている人たちがいるようだときょうの絵


もっとも 筆者自身がフェイクかもしれませんが、prima facie第一発言者として発言することを誇りとします・

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Mr.Reisei,AKIHIKO presented his view of material dispute matter between Japan and Korea.  He stands at an opposite stance against Japanese government.  He added the reason why Japan has no ability and affordance to recover the strength of  competence in the business at the terminal of supply chain besiness such as manufacuring product of smart phone. It is quite skeptical how Mr.Reisei has the evidence of his assert. Yes,Japanese manufacturers lost the base ,mainly from curre...ncy hike of yen vs foreigh currency, such as US dollar. I agree they lost the competence to invest semi-conductor facility.They then had changed global divergence of munufacturing. Korean makers are understoos as doing not fair business ,for instance, their government support unfair support measures , sales hidden of name of maker here in Japan. I support Abe cabinet decision to reset of classification of trade regulation on chemicals export to them. One thing I have a sense of skeptical, is his sense of background to survey.While of it, I remember the last presidential campagne of US, he persistently sent his report to NHK and other media of Japan that Hilary was overhelming victory over Trump even  at almost day of election. I think he know himself his fault of  matter,and  I guess, so he is silent. This time,it might be happily coming-back on stage of Newsweek margacine.

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