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2017年07月20日 10時26分22秒 | 新聞記事から
It is learned that Yamahisa, a soy-sauce production and selling company, located in Shodoshima, Kagawa, will launch into producing a new type of miso by using olive flowers. Miso is what is made from soy beans utilizing the power of koubo, or yeast. The new idea the company will adpot in a new product is that they will use yeast developed from olive flowers. Completed product is said to have milder and mellower taste than traditional one. They are going to put the products on sale around the autumn season next year.


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2017年07月19日 18時04分25秒 | 新聞記事から
Toppan Printing Co. will launch into the so-called local area-revitalizing projects focusing on tourism and health care activities in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions. Regarding tourism initiatives, they intend to send information on a lot of attractions by using the virtual realty technology, for example, creating the image of the Takamatsu Castle's Tower, actually nonexistent, on the screens of smartphones or other devices. In the field of health care, collaboration with municipalities and private firms is expected to enhance the awareness of the people in each community. With these ideas, they will seek to attain the sales of as much as ¥5 billion in three years.

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2017年07月18日 16時27分05秒 | 自分の意見の陳述
Yosakoi Dance of Kochi is to be promoted overseas:
Japan International Cooperation Agency, or JICA, decided to dispatch a volunteer personnel to Paraguay for giving instruction people there for Yosakoi Dance. This is the first intiative that a person has been sent abroad for the purpose of giving instructions in Yosakoi Dance.This is what is realized by Kochi prefectural government in coperation with JICA. And Kochi prefecture's aim is to promote inbound tourism to the ptrefecture from overseas.

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2017年07月18日 15時55分43秒 | 新聞記事から
Taiyo Farm is the biggest pig farm in Ehime, located in Seiyo City. According to a recent information I have come to know in a newspaper, they will likely to expand their raising pig heads. They has a plan to increase their shipment of pig meat up to 90,000 to 100,000 pigs per year by the year of 2020, which is about 1.5 times the present level. At present pig farms are decresing nationwide in number although the total demand is not diminishing. Given such conditions, Taiyo faram is going to deal with pork demand which is persistently great in the supermarkets and the food service industry.

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2017年07月17日 18時05分15秒 | 新聞記事から
There is an internship custom in the business world before they actually employ young people.
The internship is what is done so that young people can grasp a company's real aspect of activities. Acoording to some data by a newspaper, there are many which are going to carry out one-day internship
,whose number is to increase this year more some 70% than the previous year. Given such conditions as manpower showtage, the competion of acquiring good human resources among firms are getting severe.

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2017年07月17日 16時53分23秒 | 新聞記事から
It is learned that Tokyo Gas has a plan to launch into a new project of supplying LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) for islands in the Southeast Asia.And in each island, they will generate power by using stored LNG and deliver the electricity to consumer houses and business'es buildings. This is one of the company's overseas straregies, for increasing demand for electricity is expected in this Southeast Asian region.

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2017年07月15日 11時52分39秒 | 新聞記事から
Following the US Federal Reserve Board's dcision of raising its key interst rate,the world's major central banks are going towards the policy of shifting away from their money-market-eased one, which lasted about 10 yearts after the so-called Rehman Brothers' financial crisis. It is said that during the past 10 yeras after the Rehman crisis, the money circulating in the world market has inflated 1.8 times to $90 trillion. Given such conditions, central banks in the countries or organaization like Canada, UK, Sweden, and EU(ECB), are going to squeeze and shrink inflated money to the appropriate level each. But there seem to be some difficulties attaining their golas. As to side effects, there is a high possibility of putting a brake on their economy.
However, Japan's central bank, BOJ, is not on this track.

What I see or I hear

2017年07月15日 11時36分55秒 | 近況報告
In the morning I walked for a while with my dog. And when I got to the cherry tree path along a river,I could hear cicadas making their high-pitched singing. I walked there yesterday also, but I didn't notice such a thing. The air was not humid today's morning, and I could find out that the rainy season was over here. I am not sure whether there had been an official announcement of it, or the end of rainy season, from the Meteorological Agency, cicadas living in the wild told us of it.

A really long interval

2017年07月14日 20時20分18秒 | 近況報告
My last posting in this blog was done about one year ago. But, I'd like to resume my posting here.
Maybe from tomorrow, I will begin my posting. The style may change from the previous ones.

recent activity

2016年07月07日 09時18分41秒 | 観光案内
There is an intiative project being carried out
by the Tokyo Metropolis Government and local
prefectural governments like Ehime and Hiroshima.
They are going to create a new website showing
people overseas wide aspects of real and attractive
Japan. Given such circumstances, two people
from Australia came to Ehime early this week,
and I attended the two to Matsuyama Castle,
Ishite-ji Temple, Dogo Hot Springs and Shimanami
Kaido. Based on the experiences this time,
the two people from Australia will post wide
range of information in the website.
I hope they will help us create the environment
that more and more people will come to
Japan, Shikoku, Ehime from Australia.


2016年05月11日 16時56分25秒 | その他



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possibilty for some changes

2016年03月29日 06時19分02秒 | 日本の歌を英語で歌うとすれば
Daling, I'm now coming to you
Darling I am coming to you

To be a foolish woman forgive me
As I'm a fool, forgive me

That guy rushed me and I loved him
That guy rushed me then I loved him

Really crazy and stupid
Really crazy into a mess

On your knees I want to sleep there
On your knees do I want to sleep

sing a song in English

2016年03月27日 22時10分19秒 | 日本の歌を英語で歌うとすれば

Long time no write:

The following is what I like to sing recently.
The original song is called "東京迷猫.”

Darling, I'm now coming to you
To be a foolish woman forgive me
That guy rushed me and I loved him
Really crazy and stupid
Incredibly tonight.....
Is a really freezing cold night
I want to drink with you tonight
Now in Toko, a strayed cat

Darling, I'm now coming to you
Leave the door of your room open for me
When through the valleys of building I wander
Crows are laughing at me in the sky
Mixed with the sleet....
A cold rain makes me wet
Don't be hard on me for I would die
Now in Tokyo, a strayed car

Darling, I'm now coming to you
Without any word hold me in your arms
If once or twice you beat me, alright
Washing it away is what I want now
Having my own way...
For my selfishness i'm so sorry
On your knees I want to sleep there
Now in Tokyo, a strayed cat

I want to drink with you tonight
Now in Tokyo, a strayed cat



2015年10月20日 04時45分15秒 | 自分の意見の陳述

Good evening, everyone. We are very happy that such a lot of people have come to this party.On behalf of the three Japanese who organized this party, I would like to explain about our intention.

We joined this voyage from Kanazawa last week and since then we have visited Matsue, Moji, Hiroshima, Uwajima and Kagoshima, while enjoying the cruise. But at last tomorrow morning when the ship arrives at Nagasaki, we will leave this ship and have to say good-by to you. So, we thought we would like to have a last chance to talk with you, exchange opinions and share pleasant memories with each other.

Most of you will continue your journey to go on to Taiwan and China. We hope you will enjoy your travel from now on to the fullest. What’s more, we hope you will visit Japan sometime in the future. Anyway, have a good time as long as time allows.
Thank you. (158 words)


2015年10月15日 07時56分37秒 | 自分の意見の陳述