Even with these new villains there are also new tourists

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Villain s Vacationfeatures new workers for you to hire, some of which have a rather villainous ability, new ways to score points like with the ghost hunter or dragon keeper, as well as new ominous attractions to bring in those vacationing villains. The villains themselves keep with their non-vacationing demeanor as some like the vampire lord will hurt nearby heroes, or the necromancer will raise the dead and create tourists in empty locations.

Even with these new villains there are also new tourists to be attracted to the resort, but also now there is the dreaded Kraken that can pop up at the docks and cause all sorts of havoc.Epic Resort: Villain s Vacation is not a stand alone expansion so you will need to have a copy of Epic Resort, so if this sounds interesting you can head over to the campaign page to check out the game and pledge for a copy of the expansion or for the expansion and base game.

Aether Captains back on KS and already funded!NewsApr 25, 2016This is the second campaign for the Aether Captains game and this time around they easily hit their goal on the first day and are on their way to unlocking some nice extras.Aether Captains is a steampunk one vs many game where one player takes on the role of the Arkady Navy to defend their homeland and the remaining players take on the roles of pirating war
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