It also doesn t hurt that the Fr0st-EE5 boots

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Destiny players can find Xur in The Reef, tucked behind a door that is locked on most days. Head to the right after spawning in, follow the stairs down, turn to the right, and Xur will be through the door straight ahead. If the door fails to open then something has gone wrong, and chances are Bungie will be implementing a fix.For exotic armor this weekend, Xur has the Twilight Garrison chest piece for Titans, the Fr0st-EE5 boots for Hunters, and the Apotheosis Veil helmet for Warlocks. This is the first time that Xur has sold the Hunter boots since the launch of Rise of Iron, so Hunters are likely very pleased with Xur right now.

It also doesn t hurt that the Fr0st-EE5 boots are actually useful, offering an increased cooldown on abilities while sprinting and a faster turn radius. If you re a Nightstalker then these exotic boots are likely to become your new best friend, as they make the already agile Hunter subclass even more deadly.Xur s exotic weapon this weekend is the Monte Carlo auto rifle, a solid option for subclasses that love to melee enemies. It s true that auto rifles are not what they were in Year 1 of Destiny, but plenty of players can make the Monte Carlo work in their favor.

For a full rundown of Xur items and prices see the list below:Twilight Garrison (Titan Chest Piece) \x93 13 Strange CoinsFr0st-EE5 (Hunter Boots) \x93 13 Strange CoinsApotheosis Veil (Warlock Helmet) \x93 13 Strange CoinsMonte Carlo (Auto Rifle) \x93 23 Strange CoinsPrototype Ornament (Truth) \x93 25 Silver DustThe Wolves Remember Ornament (Young Wolf s Howl) \x93 25 Silver DustLegacy Primary Weapon Engram \x93 31 Strange CoinsThree of Coins (5)\x93 7 Strange CoinsDestiny: Rise of Iron is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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