Here is the complete list ofall the new playlists

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Bungie has continued to remain mum on the subject of upcoming content, though many hints have been dropped since Rise of Iron launched in September that Amanda Holliday s favorite event, Sparrow Racing League, is set to return early in December. Even with Destiny 2 still on track for release in 2017, Bungie needs to ensure that the current fanbase is satiated or a similar feeling of unrest among the community and some of its high profile players could rise again.While fans continue to wait for official word from Bungie, the weekly reset event is here once again and bringing with it a whole slew of new content for Guardians to tackle.

Here is the complete list ofall the new playlists, bounties, and everything else going on with Destiny: Rise of Iron for the week of November 15, 2016.Weekly NightfallFirst up is the Nightfall Strike and this week players are tasked with taking on Kovikin the Wretched Eye. Introduced just a couple months ago in the Rise of Iron expansion, the strike plays out closer to a story based mission lacking major fighting spaces. Instead, players move from SIVA nodes, destroying them while progressing through the level until reaching the big boss fight at the end.

The strike plays out easily enough as players hunt down each node one by one, though players are urged to move with caution as the Fallen Splicers are capable of dealing considerable damage. Not only that, the Arc Burn modifier this week may be the source of some sore spots this week, especially when dealing with shanks.When facing off againstFallen Splicer Priest Kovik and his Ogre, players are advised to stay on the move and stick to cover. Kovik uses a weapon that not only fires fast, but hits hard as well.
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