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The Tie/fo has six ship cards and two upgrades and also includes some elite pilots who can modify defenders die results built around a mechanic of using evade tokens and one of the new tech upgrades, the Comm relay that allows evade tokens to be saved from one round to the next. A very handy diagram also illustrates how these new factions work with the original X-Wing factions, so head over to the Fantasy flight website for more in depth information the fate of the galaxy may depend on it!board gameFantasy Flight Gamesstar warsstar wars X-wing minatures gameThe Force Awakenstweet

Coming soon to Kickstarter: Campaign TrailNewsSep 12, 2015Cosmic Wombat Games, a production company dedicated to realizing the tabletop visions of new board game designers, is proud to present their newest game on kickstarter. Campaign Trail is a card driven area control game of political maneuvers and electioneering for 2-6 players and plays in about 120 minutes.Each player is a candidate running for the Presidency of the United States moving around the country to gain the most votes in different states.

They must choose wisely which cards to play with each card providing a choice between 4 different actions, out of 6 possible actions in the game carefully balance their fundraising activities with their campaign events and advertising budgets. Each candidate will also have their own unique capabilities to aid them in winning the hearts and minds of the American people. Campaign Trail is set to hit Kickstarter on September 16th!For more information, read the full press release below and be sure to check out the kickstarter campaign here.
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