Akuma was confirmed forStreet Fighter V

2017-01-16 10:11:32 | 日記

Street Fighter 5 executive producer Yoshinori Ono reveals a teaser trailer for Akuma, who will be playable in the game at the PlayStation Experience in December.Last year, fan favorite Street Fightercharacter Akuma was announced forTekken 7. Crossovers between fighting games is nothing new, especially between theStreet Fighter andTekken franchises, but what made some raise their eyebrows about Akuma s inclusion in the newTekken was that he wasn t going to be featured inStreet Fighter V. Well, nine months afterthe game s release, Capcom has announced that Akuma is finally coming toStreet Fighter V.

Akuma was confirmed forStreet Fighter V at theRed Bull Battlegrounds tournament by the game s executive producer,Yoshinori Ono. Akuma s announcement included a brief teaser trailer that featured a different Kanji symbol on his back than the one he usually bears. Instead of the Kanji symbol that says heaven, Akuma s Kanji symbol intheStreet Fighter V teaser reads destruction, and is identical to the symbol he had inCapcom vs. SNK 2.InCapcom vs. SNK 2, Akuma had the ability to transform into Shin Akuma, an even more powerful version of himself.

Since the Kanji symbol in the new teaser matches the one he had inCapcom vs. SNK 2, some have theorized that Akuma s V-Move and his other abilities will be based on his appearance in that game.For now, fans can only speculate as to what Akuma has instore when he is eventually added to theStreet Fighter V roster, as the teaser trailer doesn t really offer any answers. However, fans won t have to wait long to learn more aboutStreet Fighter V s version of Akuma. As it turns out, he will be a playable character for anyone that attends the PlayStation Experience event in Anaheim, California from December 3rd to December 4th.
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