The goal is to eliminate enough

2016-11-01 09:38:25 | 日記

Star Wars: Battlefront's Death Star DLC is coming in September, so that must mean it is time for some new details for the third expansion. How about a new game mode that takes you into spaceEA and DICE revealed the new Battle Station modeat GamesCom, explaining that it will come in three phases, each with a different objective. Phase 1 pits Rebel forces in X-wing and A-wing fighters against Imperial TIE fighters and Interceptors.

The goal is to eliminate enough TIE forces to go in and bring down a Star Destroyer.Phase 2 puts players inside the Death Star. Rebel forces need to retrieve and important droid. In this phase, players will be introduced to two new heroes, Chewbacca for the rebels and Bossk for the Imperium. In the final phase, Rebel players will try to blow up the Death Star, bringing in Luke Skywalker in Red-5 and Darth Vader in his TIE Advanced fighter.

New Star Cards and blasters are also being added in the expansion. No official release date has been revealed other than sometime next month. The expansion will cost $15, unless you have the season pass. There will also be a free trial of the second DLC expansion, Bespin, this weekend. Visit Chatty to Join The Conversation John Keefer is a curmudgeon that has been in journalism for 35 years, the last 16 in the video games industry.
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