All good applicability emergency rechargeable LED light has come onto the market

2017-06-20 10:43:40 | Gentwin
LED has been widely used in freezer lighting, and are increasingly used in low-temperature freezer, and even used to illuminate the fresh food. Before the lighting, in addition to emitting energy consumed, which produces a lot of heat and requires a refrigerator system for cooling, resulting in a waste of electricity. LED lamps and other semiconductor devices not only extremely low power consumption, and higher luminous efficiency, can work at a lower temperature for a long time.

LED lighting gradually into our lives, the new LED bulbs have begun to mature, so that emerge the applicability rechargeable LED bulbs. With energy saving and environmental protection, applicability, emergency performance and many other advantages, the Rechargeable LED lamps will likely become the new lighting.

Rechargeable LED bulb, besides have LED bulb high efficiency and energy saving, durable, low carbon environmental protection characteristics, still can be charging, when encountered some power, the light bulb can continue to bright light. As people energy conservation and environmental protection consciousness strengthened day by day and the continuous improvement of the product itself, the rechargeable LED bulb in the overseas market has been relatively mature, was attracted more and more families, especially the students.

Because of the lighting market is relatively common field competition, companies continue to expand special lighting field can yet be regarded as a supplementary good strategy. A new year, manufacturers addition to presenting a wide range of solutions to provide cost-effective lighting products, turned to look for other lighting applications, such as industrial lighting, plant lighting, refrigeration, lighting and other special applications field, can also choose more segments of the field, such as linsheng jewelry lighting, LED cabinet lighting, LED warehouse lights, however, military lighting is still a blank.

Covers an area of about 20000 square meters, plant area of about 13200 square meters. The main production of various Christmas lights series products and spare parts. Products directly or indirectly exported around the world. We hope you can join us and established long-term relations of cooperation with us.
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