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2017-04-18 | 海外記事

After Erdogan's Referendum Victory
Turkey's Polarization Will Only Deepen
........Across Turkey, the Yes votes that would transform Turkey from a parliamentary system into a presidential one and create a highly empowered presidency with few meaningful checks and balances seemed to be underperforming expectations. .....Although the Yes vote pulled ahead and the constitutional amendments passed, many in the opposition camp and its supporters are taking solace in the narrow margin of victory and the fact that Turkey’s capital along with its biggest city (and Erdogan’s hometown) both rejected the government’s agenda. .....Following the 2015 election, Erdogan did not change his tune but instead doubled down, campaigning for the AKP despite being constitutionally barred from doing so, ..... in order to make the argument that only a stronger show of support for the AKP would return stability to Turkey. .....Erdogan is not going to be cowed by the latest evidence of Turkey’s polarization; rather, he will do everything he can to deepen that polarization.

After Erdogan's Referendum Victory
Turkey's Polarization Will Only Deepen


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