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2017-05-15 | 論考


A massive cyberattack has been spreading across the globe since Friday, hitting hundred of thousands of computers and crippling major government and corporate operations.

The malware is known as WannaCry, and here's what you need to know........

Broadly speaking, WannaCry exploits vulnerabilities in older Windows operating systems, including Windows XP. Microsoft issued a patch for those systems on Friday, but that didn’t stop it from hitting more than 200,000 machines in 150 countries........

If any of your personal or corporate systems run an older version of Windows (XP, 8, or Server 2003 specifically), you or your admins should immediately install Microsoft’s new security update. You should also, as always, remain extremely careful about opening any email attachments, from known or strange sources. But the truly scary thing about WannaCry is that it can reportedly spread over local networks without user interaction. .......


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