JAPAN BRIEFING:エグゼクティブのため情報検索サービス



2017-05-15 | 論考


Last week's ransomware attack that brought down MRI scanners in the U.K., railroad ticket machines in Germany, interior ministry computers in Russia and parts of the FedEx network in the U.S. is bound to cause a backlash against spy agencies' cyberwarfare capabilities. It shows that services such as the U.S. National Security Agency hoard weapons that, by their very nature, target civilian infrastructure.
The WannaCry attack wasn't a big-time nation state operation, though it's likely that it may have originated in Russia. Last year, 75 percent of crypto ransomware -- malware that encrypts files on the target machine to force its owner to pay a ransom in exchange for their decryption -- originated from the Russian-speaking hacker underworld. The largest number of WannaCry attacks occurred in Russia and Ukraine. The hackers here weren't playing some political interference game: They were after money, in bitcoin. Researchers who tracked the bitcoin addresses hardwired into the malware found that tens of thousands of dollars had been paid before the spread of the virus was halted by a cybersecurity expert who accidentally found a flaw in WannaCry...........

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