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【論考】批判:トランプ政権税制改革案 Trump's Misguided Approach to Tax Reform

2017-04-29 | 論考

【論考】批判:トランプ政権税制改革案 Trump's Misguided Approach to Tax  Reform

President Donald Trump's much-anticipated tax proposal is true to his style of governing: bold and vague. More an agenda for discussion than the promised blueprint, it espouses some appealing principles, but the chances that the administration might mold them into an effective reform seem slim.
The proposal aims to cut tax rates and greatly simplify the code -- worthy goals. The U.S. corporate tax rate is one of the highest in the world and ought to be cut. And no American needs persuading that the personal-tax system is too complicated.
But a plan based on the president's bullet points would involve a big increase in public borrowing, which would be unwise. In addition, starting from here, the political maneuvering needed to get it passed would cancel out much of the benefit.......


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