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Numbers 11-5

2017年05月14日 | Proverbs

"In Egypt we used to eat all the fish we wanted and it cost us nothing. Remember the cucumbers, the watermelons, the leeks, the onions, and the garlic we had? ... "

In fact, they asked Mose to return to Egypt quickly.

Melon is very famous as the most expensive fruit, even if garlic is not so. So it let me suffer and think hard. Slaves wouldn't be able to get melon, even if they could get garlic. But, we can think they would get Melon, if they were member, the elites of Joseph's group in earlier time of Egypt. Therefore, Mose had to confirm whether there were guys as Joseph's ghosts had no legs or not, for occultists.

Furthermore, but, we can think that a wise slave in the era of Exodus might claim to Mose like this:
"I, as the being of just a Hebrew or aSem remember all between our actual garlic and early Joseph's Melon for hundreds of years. It was bad, but I know there were good things too. It is Egypt for us. So let's return to Egypt!"

The best important thing was,,, it was certainly written as a Melon in Japanese. It was not the watermelons. I assure you that it was a Melon what was the King of fruit.

You, Jewish must sleep well tonight:)

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