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Our English class in the Media Room.

2022-05-11 15:34:30 | 2022

On May 11th 5C went to the Media room to search about their favorite people.

Mr. S taught us how to make a Powerpoint presentation.

^Mr. S is teaching us how to use computers and Powerpoint.

We typed and searched about a famous person, and then made a page about it.

It was our second class of doing this, but noody is finished yet.

There were many famous people who I didn't know!

^Everyone is working on their page really hard.

We had a great time learning how to use Powerpoint on the computers.

We interviewed a Grade 5 student about the lesson.

Q1) How was the English class?

A1) It was fun, and it was exciting to search about a famous person.

Q2) Was there anything which was hard, but fun?

At first it was hard to type, but after a while it was fun!


I thought it was so exciting too!

It was exciting to know so many facts about my favorite famous person.

I want to spend more time on it.


Blog post written and published by Grade 5 & 6 students in Futaba Blog Committee.

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