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The first year of Maths Power Up

2020-10-13 12:17:29 | 2020

From this year we have started doing a 'Maths Power Up' lesson.

The reason we started this is because we want to have fun with Maths, and get better at it.

We studied in our own classrooms.

This year Grade 4, 5 and 6 did this Maths Power Up lesson.

We played a game where we guessed what colour and what shapes we had stcked the blocks.

Earlier we played a code-breaking game about guessing combinations of colours.

^This is a photo of Grade 5 trying to guess what shape blocks are in the box. They are thinking together in a team.

^Grade 4 are working what what the code is.

We asked to a teacher "What was your feeling in Maths Power up?"

He answered "I liked it because it was fun to play games and learn at the same time".


We asked a student "Was it good to do this?"

Then she said "Yes! I think I got better at Math and could have a lot of fun".


We think that 'Maths Power Up' was fun and very interesting. For us, it was a good idea to start this.

We want to have this class more and get better at Maths.


Blog post written and published by Grade 5 and 6 students from Futaba Blog committee.



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