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福岡雙葉小学校の学校生活の様子を委員会児童(Futaba Blog委員会)がアップしていきます。

Our new friends

2019-11-27 13:10:48 | 2019

During last week students from our sister school in Singapore visited our school.

We speak a different language to them, we have different hair-styles and different uniforms, but we have the same school crest!

It means that we are friends!

On the last day of their visit they performed a Japanese dance for us.

From watching it we noticed that they had practiced very hard.

Thank you for the great dance.


We think that learning a new culture is a very good thing to do.

By doing so you can learn interesting things.

I think the students from Singapore had a fun time learning about Japan.


Blog post written and published by Grade 5 & 6 students from Futaba blog committee.

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