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Futaba donut shop opened!?

2021-10-19 07:35:59 | 2021

At lunchtime on October 13th the 6C girls opened their own donut shop!

Due to Covid-19 and Futaba school rules they couldn't sell real donuts so they made donuts out of clay and made a pretend shop to sell off the donuts.

They had so much fun by roleplaying selling and buying donuts!

^This is a photo of the the item sold in the donut shop.

I asked 2 Futaba students, a customer and someone who sold donuts how they felt.

Q1) As a customer did you have fun?

A1) Yes, of course! I love donuts.

Q2) By making donuts did you have fun, and which part did you like the most?

A2) I had so much fun! I liked pondering about donuts the most.


6C's donut shop looked so much fun! I think that through this activity the students got a better friendship.


Blog post written and published by Grade 5 and 6 students in Futaba Blog committee.

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