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Exciting Homeroom PE class!!

2023-02-02 15:18:20 | 2023

The Grade 6 students had a homeroom PE class. 

They played a game of volleyball together.

There were 3 different groups, and they played 6 games altogether.

Everybody was having fun and thinking of a good way they could win the game.

It was a very hot game, and everyone did their best.

The other team which wasnt playing a game were practicing passing the ball between people.

they had a good game.

^People playing volleyball.

We interviewed a Grade 6 student about the games:

Q1) What did you do to win?

We tried to have good team work, and calm ourselves down.

Q2) Was it fun, and do you want to do it again?

A2) Yes! It was very fun to play!


From our interview I found out that lots of people had fun playing the games.

They learned a lot of things about volleyball from these games, and they worked better as a team.


Blog post written and uploaded by Grade 5 and 6 students in Futaba Blog committee.

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