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福岡雙葉小学校の学校生活の様子を委員会児童(Futaba Blog委員会)がアップしていきます。

A Fabulous School Trip!!

2023-01-11 14:46:27 | 2022

On October 5th the Grade 6 students went to Nagasaki for a school trip.


They went there to learn about Christianity, nature and how peace is important in the world.


While there they visited the Museum of the 26 martyrs, Peace Park, Urakami Cathedral, the Unzen-Fugendake mountain and a lot more.


It was fun to sleep woth friends, eating food together and having new experiences.

^The Museum of the 26 Martyrs.

^In the Peace Park giving 1000 origami cranes.

^Eating dinner together with everybody.


We interviewed a Grade 6 student.

Q1: What was your favorite thing about the school trip?

A1: I liked the Urakami Cathedral because the stained glass was beautiful.

Q2: What was the most difficult part?

A2: It has hard to write a letter to our parents because there were so many things to write about!


We think that having a school trip was really fun, and it is important to learn about peace. We had an amazing experience. It was wonderful!!


Blog written and uploaded by Grade 5 and 6 students in Futaba Blog committee.

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