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An Active Math Power UP!!

2022-05-11 15:27:08 | 2022

Grade 5 and 6 weer throwing balls for Maths class.

It was to measure the length and use algebra to calculate how many points it would get in a triathlon.

Everyone was throwing the ball hard.

^Getting ready to throw a ball.

The teachers were running around to check the length of the throw.

Some people threw 32m!!

It felt kind of dangerous because the balls were soaring around the sky!

^ Grade 6 throwing balls!


We interviewed a Grade 6 student about the class:

Q1) Did this lesson make it more interesting to learn Math?

A1) Yes, because we could learn by having fun!

Q2) What was the good thing about learning Math and PE at the same time?

A2) We could have fun and learn at the same time so it made it more exciting.


I think this way we could move our body and learn at the same time, so it was a great way to learn Maths.

I prefer this way to learn because I can have fun!

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