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Volunteer class in Grade 5

2023-02-08 09:20:08 | 2023

In Grade 5 we have a class called 'Volunteer'.

^This is volunteer class

We use wheelchairs, eye-masks and crutches to think about how blind people, and people who can't use their legs feel.

The wheelchair was very heavy and difficult to use.

^Grade 5 girls trying to use the wheelchair.

Everyone made a pair with their classmates, and 1 girl put on an eyemask to walk around the school.

It was very scary to walk around without seeing anything.

We had a nice class!

^Practicing using crutches.

We interviewed a student about the class:

Q1) How was it to move the wheelchair?

A1) Riding in the wheelchair was a little bit scary.

Q2) How did did you feel about volunteer class?

A2) I learned about how handicapped people feel all the time.


We agree that it was difficult to move the wheelchair, and it was heavy.

It was good to learn bout how it feels.


Blog post written and uploaded by Grade 5 and 6 students in Futaba Blog committee.

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