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本篇英国report代写范文-Internship Final Report讲了在我实习的第一个星期,我受到主管的热烈的欢迎和支持,并访问了公司工厂的所有生产线和装配线。主管指导我区分所有数百种产品的特点和功能以及不同种类产品的价格。我一直积极地学习工厂的产品信息和其他东西,并且满足了我的主管的期望,即区分所有产品类型。本篇英国report代写由51due英国代写平台整理,供大家参考阅读。

Upon the first week of my internship, I received warm welcome and support from my supervisor and visited all production lines and assembly lines of the factory of the company. The supervisor guided me to distinguish the characteristics and functions of all of the hundreds of products as well as the price of the different kinds of products. I had been positive in learning the product information and other stuffs of the factory and had met the expectation of my supervisor, which is to distinguish all product type and to have a basic understanding of the production and assembly line of the factory by the end of the first week. This is the first time I had ever been in a factory to see all the production and assembly lines working and I think this is a great opportunity to connect what I learned at college to the real world.
During the second week, I spent most of the time assisting workers while studying barcode technology, store management and permutation at the same time. I was trained in using the barcode system. During assisting in printing and organizing barcode I learned the important of matching the products with commodity code since this provide great convenience to manage stores and all the different kinds of products. The barcode technology can also help check the stock and net unit billing. To be more specific, the production capacity as well as the delivery plans should also be determined according to the barcode system and match to orders. During this week I learned how to operate barcode system and the importance of knowing the barcode technology and operate barcode system. Since we have to create barcode by ourselves, it is important not to mess things up since it will link to a series of production and delivery plans in the future.
After the first two weeks, my jobs started to be more intense and I started to work more closely with other team members. I had been doing order receiving and collecting orders to make shipping plans with the guidance of other team members. With the guidance, I was able to individually do order receiving and determine the exact time to ship commodity according to the requirements of different orders. I also joined the department meetings where I sum up and review my work in the recent weeks. Apart from receiving orders and planning shipments, I learned how to send production order. In general the production plan all falls within the schedule timeline and the each stage of production can be tracked. However, if anything changed, the top priority is our customer and we should reorganize the production plan and match up the customer’s requirement with the factory schedule. Another major work I did was to research on some agents about their service conditions. From this week, I started to do weekly report to my supervisor on my work.
From then I got training and support from my supervisor to study booking cargo spaces to the eastern US. To be specific, the booking time should be based upon the time of which the good was produced and we would change the delivery time any time if quality problems or troubles happen. An important thing I learned was that our top priority was our customers and we should negotiate with the customers. During the division meeting, the presenter talked about that every agent had encountered problems regarding cargo transportation and ordering and most of them had changed delivery plans. The goal for our company is to improve, to test and to rework on our products if not satisfied and improve the supply chain system through learning from past experience.
From the six week, new interns were recruited and I spent the majority of time that week taking them to our manufactory for tour and introducing our main scope of business as well as our main production line. After leading them for tour of the factory I held workshop teaching them how to use our K3 system. Sometimes they have questions and I tried to answer all of them. In our department meeting, I talked about the new interns’ training done and I encouraged them and delegated the work according to what my supervisor gave me.
Working together with the new interns, I learned to calculate dry container, which is based on the packaging of our company products. We base the size of the dry container and make little changes to our package of the boxes to improve the capacity of the boxes. This also helps bringing down the total costs of transportation at the same time.
I moved to the“Briggs and Stratton” division as arranged by the company executive. The “Briggs and Stratton” is classified into an individual division since it is our top priority customer, from which we get about 30% of our total revenue. During my internship at this division, I got to know some information about BS Company and more importantly, their specific requirements and standard. Different from other companies, BS Company has their own warehouse and product line. This will require the supplier company that cooperates with them to know every detail including their operation manual and label. During the time I stayed at BS Division, we were going through production planning stage where we examine problems and adjust production plan, and then plan to produce.
At the end of my internship, I listed all the work I had done and their progress and handed over to my partner. During this internship, I learned a lot about Supply Chain related work which I could not learn at school. I was also given opportunities to contribute meaningfully to the company. First, I had opportunity to speak out in the weekly meeting to express my own thoughts and suggestions about our project. I had chance to speak up about some of my thoughts regarding the improvement of the barcode system and they listened. Second, when the new interns came, I took the responsibility to lead them, saving my supervisor a lot of work and time. Leading them to the factory and introducing our work reinforce my understanding about the things I learned at the company and delegating the work also improved my leadership skills.
I will recommend this internship to future AU SCMN students who stay in China during summer. The three months intensive internship program really helps students who have not worked before and who are confused about their future careers related to supply chain management. This internship will give students an overall picture of what a big standard manufacturing company is like and the structure and main tasks of the company. This helps you to be more certain about which specific job area you would want to enter after graduation.
If possible, in order to improve the internship experience for future students, I recommend the company carrying out internship program that is more concentrated in one department so that those students who are interested in one specific area could learn specific things more thoroughly instead just trying everything on the surface. However, I will keep paying attention to the development of this company, and I will consider an employment offer with this company because I think this company has systematic management system and structure which is good for me to start off my career.
Regarding the impact of the internship on my future, I think I am more certain about what I am learning and what I can expect for my future career. As mentioned, one important skill I improved through this internship experience is my leadership skill. In order to lead a good team, I learnt that I have to not only know my team members well and but also the work well so that I know how to distribute it well. I also improved my team work and communication skills through this internship cause I had a lot of opportunities working with partners and discussing on meetings. Although I barely have time to work on my own, I think I can improve my individual working skill in the future. For future SCMN classes, I think I will do better understanding about the supply chain system since I had gained this real world experience working in a manufacturing company and in a factory. Those production planning and supply chain system improvement works brought me inspirations on the knowledge I learnt and will probably learn in class. This internship will absolutely improve my full-time employment search and marketability since now I know more about the potential divisions and structures in a big company and I am more certain about my advantages.

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