Kent Dunn Intel Update – Mass Arrests Planned for January 2017, Healing Light Ships, Purging of Negative Inner Earth Groups

Editor Note: I’m still not sure what to make of these “Intel” updates from Kent Dunn. I haven’t been able to find very much information about him or his sources, so while these updates remain interesting please use discernment. Some of the information does ring true when you begin connecting the dots with all of the other recent rumors, gossip and intel, but honestly I could write one of these reports tomorrow — but it wouldn’t necessarily make it true. I remain cautiously optimistic.

Justin from Stillness in the Storm wrote a note about discernment on one of these videos and I completely agreed with his thoughts, so I’d like to included it here on this one as well:

Stillness in the Storm Editor: I cannot confirm if the reports offered below are accurate. Discernment is advisable. And if anyone does have any data to confirm or deny this information, please send it to me.

This is yet another update by Dunn that seems to pull from other data sources, such as Cobra, Corey Goode, William Tompkins, and others. Whether or not he has his own sources (independent of the aforementioned) or is just parroting others remains to be seen.


I have received a swath of feedback about Kent Dunn’s claims and information. Some people say he is a total fraud or shill but offer no evidence to support their claim. Others believe what he says without question, citing how well it resonates with their own beliefs.

In my personal view, in some cases, Dunn speaks about real issues that can be verified with some research. In other cases—especially regarding certain events—Dunn’s claims cannot be verified. For example, he recently alleged that mass arrests were taking place in various locations around the globe, which cannot be verified using normal means—as the mainstream media will not report on these things even if they were happening. Some seem to think that because an assertion is either unbelievable or unverifiable it is untrue, but this is not a valid basis to refute a claim’s validity.

As a result of the difficulty in validating Dunn’s information, it provides an excellent venue to test and improve our holistic discernment skills. This is one of the reasons why I am sharing his information—not because I believe it blindly.

As a result of the sensational aspect of some of Dunn’s claims, some people dismissed them entirely. I suspect that such dismissal is based on, what I call, incredulity bias—the idea that something can’t be true because it is too unbelievable. But incredulity is not a valid reason to dispute a claim….

Hilton Hotel Family Tied To Global Pedophile Network

Kent Dunn has been off for the past few days and much has happened. The Hilton family, famous for the establishment of the Hilton Hotels and socialite/celebrity heir Paris Hilton are involved in a global pedophilia network.  Kent Dunn sends out an alert to the White Hat and White Knight special forces to investigate the Hilton Hotel in Branson, Missouri.

A quick google search for Hilton Hotels in Branson, Missouri turns up a couple of Hilton affiliated hotels. The upscale resort venue is called Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing, which features fine dinning, golf course, located within a shopping and entertainment district.  More information about the Hilton hotels in Branson, Missouri can be seen at the following link http://www.hiltonsofbranson.com/.

Mass Arrests

After January 1, 2017 the U.S. government has 15,000 arrest warrants.  They have about 30,000 FBI agents to act on these arrests warrants which are targeting dark cabal members. 10,000 bankers from around the world have already been arrested.

Anunnaki and Negative Inner Earth Groups

The Anunnaki bloodline families that have been born on earth are not allowed to leave the planet.  Some of them have switched sides and are now working with the light warriors, asking for protection because they know that their time of rule has ended.

Kent Dunn says that multidimensional light beings such as the Archangels and God are actively trying to shift the frequency of the earth to higher vibration frequencies to match that of 7th dimensional all the way up to 16th dimensional energy frequencies.  This is done in order to force the negative inner earth groups to the surface of the planet. Kent Dunn states that the energy will be so intense on these negative beings who live in inner earth, that they will not be able to handle the new energy changes.  Kent Dunn is quoted as saying “they are going to be bleeding from every orifice”.

Kent Dunn names some of these negative groups as the ReptiliansAnunnakiArcturians.  The light forces are purging this earth of all negative energy influences.  Other E.T. groups aligned with the so called “Light Forces” will move their space ships into position around earth during this influx of energy.  When the negative beings in inner earth emerge from out of the ground, the ‘E.T. Light Forces’ will capture them.


It should be noted here that to claim a whole group or race is negative is not accurate and is more of a racist ideology. Just as if one human commits a horrible act, the entire human race is not responsible for the action of that one individual.  Doing a search of the Arcturians brings up more positive messages than negative ones.  More information should be provided by Kent Dunn about this group since other messages in the alternative community contradict Kent’s message of the Arcturians. 

Could it be that Kent Dunn is trying to convey the message that negative beings who are not in frequency alignment with the incoming galactic waves of energy will be severely effected? 

Based on the more general interpretation of the incoming energetic waves affecting beings of lower vibrational frequency would correlate better with information coming from Corey Goode and David Wilcock.  As you may know they have been relaying messages from the Blue Avians and Sphere Being Alliance stating that the Blue Spheres are actively trying to soften the impact of the galactic waves of energy hitting earth.  The Blue Avians mention that if the cosmic energy was not being buffered at this moment, humanity would be experiencing something to the effect of “end time madness”.

Here is a brief dialog about the galactic waves of energy between David Wilcock and Corey Goode.)

Corey: And with all of these new influxes of galactic energy that are coming in through the sun and being buffered by the spheres, we’re seeing a lot of strange behavior in people. And they’re not immune from it.

David: Right. So this vibrational increase is causing, as you’ve said to me off camera, end time madness. People are acting more crazy. They’re emotionally agitated. You also mentioned that their karma, old karma is coming up for them.

Corey: Right. People are being forced into karmic cycles until they learn what they need to learn and accomplish what they need to accomplish. – Source: Sphere Being Alliance

The report from Kent Dunn is very hard to fathom even for the already awakened community so it will be interesting to see how this frequency bombardment on earth actually affects each individual person as opposed to specific groups or races of beings.

Star War’s Actress Carrie Fisher and Her Family

Kent Dunn continues to make some incredible claims about how Star War’s actress Carrie Fisher and her famous mother Debbie Reynolds were part of the cabal and had many dirty secrets, suggesting that both Fisher and Reynolds were murdered this past week.  Apparently Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd is also “in on it” and Kent Dunn does not know how Mrs. Lourd will be dealt with.

New Zealand

Kent Dunn says that the dark cabal are planning to move to New Zealand for an unknown reason.  The White Hats and White Knights are aware of this situation and will not allow the cabal to retreat to New Zealand.  Kent Dunn says to look for something to happen near New Zealand very shortly.


Kent Dunn states that in February 2017, space ships will start coming out of the Antarctica bases for the purpose of healing people.  The healing ships will be able to scan an individual in 3 minutes to identify a persons health problems and in 8 minutes completely heal an individual of any health problems including age regression.

This intel update concerning Antarctica is unique as data from other sources have not mentioned these types of operations occurring out of Antarctica.  It would be interesting to get comment from Corey Goode about this specific intel coming from Kent Dunn.


Humanities DNA is waking up from its slumber and changing due to the cosmic influx of energies.  Everything is shifting and working according to a divine plan.

Global Currency Rest & Revaluation of Currencies

Currency rate changes are supposed to come out today. Kent also heard that January 2017 is supposed to be the best time for people who hold currency.

Kent Dunn addresses the skeptics and negative reactions to his intel and commentary.  Kent says that his contacts are putting their life on the line to bring information out to the public.  This is Kent’s mission to disseminate truth to the public.

Gary Larrabee ends this video with a religious prayer.

End of Video

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