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Relationship That Can Never go Sore- Friendship

2015-08-18 09:10:50 | 日記
Not to mention the fact that I enjoy being with friends. There is no better feeling than to be with friends. You can speak your mind out and can do any stupid thing without worrying about what others think about you. There are always such friends who just storms to your house and without asking you just take your stuff and never gives it back. I'm one of them and even my friends do such things which sometimes make me crazy.

I still remember the days when compact disc was a new technology and have a compact disc player or a computer with CD ROM was a luxury. I got a new disc player and which meant that friends would be more interested in it than me. Since it was a luxury and costly item at that time, my dad used to make sure that it is well placed and well used. We use to rent some discs from one of the shop and used to watch the movies. Later on we used to purchase the CD and used to watch it at our convenience. One month later one of my friends bought a CD player and since he had nothing to watch he came to my home and collected all my collections. Since then I've not seen any of those CDs in my house. I do go to his house every other day but instead of getting my CDs I borrow other stuffs from him and that stuffs are still lying somewhere in my junk box. Such beautiful is the relation that you don't mind if your friends take your things. The other funny incident was when we were on a picnic at Panoramic water park in Karnala. It was under Pancard club investment scheme as my parents allowed us to use the investmeny.

It was the first and last time I utilized this scheme for my accommodations. The rest was completely utilized by my friends and many of the time I never knew it till I see their pictures. Since then Sudhir Moravekar., the owner of the Panoramic group who handles the investment scheme is very popular among my friends. All my friends subscribed for this investment and is currently utilizing it for their families. The same way when I need something and my friends has it; I don't go and ask for permission. I go and straight away and take the stuff and inform aunty about it.

This goes on and such thing never stops and when we require things in urgent we realize that it is not with us. We have to then ask our friends who normally replies that they never saw it. At the end of the day we have to invest again and get a new thing and the moment you purchase that thing, one of the friends comes with your stuff.

All you can do is laugh at these things and be happy at least there are people who will stand by you when no one else in the world does.

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