Traditional Theatre Training(TTT) invites FIRT Participants

2011-07-31 23:36:40 | Conference

FIRT participants invited to observe training in Kyoto

August 7-10 (Aug 7 recommended) T.T.T.


Traditional Theatre Training is held in central Kyoto each summer

http://en.kac.or.jp/ We invite FIRT 2011 participants to visit the training, which is held nightly from 630-930 in the studies of the Kyoto Art Center. You may observe 20 participating students from five countries studying intensively noh dance-drama, kyogen comedy, and nihonbuyo classical dance in preparation for an August 12th recital. You may stay for a short or long time, in one practice hall or rotate to all three. We ask a donation of 1000 yen, which will go to the post-performance party. On Sunday, August 7th, Program director will be on hand to lead a group. For more information and reservations please contact Jonah Salz 080-4480-6627. jonah@world.ryukoku.ac.jp



Now Printing

2011-07-16 00:57:19 | 準備

Dear our guests.

We are delighted that we have reached the final stage of production processes of our congress goods.

Among others, our congress bag is a brilliant one, which perfectly embodies the main theme of the conference, "tradition, innovation, community."

This bag is made of canvas, the fabric with centuries-long tradition of usage.

It is printed by the innovative, state-of-the-art technology of pad printing.

The artwork is put into its final form with the aid of finest computer softwares, and sent from its designers to the printing house via e-mail, obviously the most influential innovation which have changed our way of communication completely.

The bag itself is made by MUJI, a world-famous, community-conscious retail company, selling a wide variety of household and consumer goods. MUJI is distinguished by its design minimalism, emphasis on recycling, avoidance of waste in production and packaging, and no-logo or "no-brand" policy.

With this bag and other quality goods, we will give you a hearty welcome, which is also one of the components of our centuries-long culture.



Hotel booking

2011-05-12 20:44:31 | Conference


From JTB hotel booking site offers special conference rate from 6 Aug to 12 Aug ( 7 nights).
JTB will be happy to make the request for the other date too!!
Please feel free to contact m_ono113@west.jtb.jp .


Current situation poses no risk to travel to and from Japan

2011-04-24 19:01:53 | FIRT

The united Nations organizations closely monitoring the effects of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi plant remain confident that radiation levels do not present health or transportation safety hazards to passengers and crew.

World Tourism Organization UNWTO



Osaka is safe!

2011-04-04 23:13:26 | 準備

The cherry trees in Toyonaka campus, Osaka University, have only partially blossomed so far. They will be in full bloom in a few days. Osaka is safe, same as before. Don't worry.

Photo; Osaka University, 4 April, 2011

Message on Disasters

2011-03-26 17:18:45 | FIRT
Dear friends and colleagues,

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for offering sympathy and encouragement since the earthquake in the Tohoku region on March 11. We were completely devastated by the unprecedented scale of the damage caused by the earthquake and Tsunami, but to know that so many friends and colleagues abroad care about us has given us great hope for recovery in the future. We really appreciate your consideration.

What has made the damage by the earthquake even worse is that it also caused accidents at nuclear power plants. This could have caused tremendous damage, not only to Japan but also the rest of the world. Fortunately, the damage has been kept to a minimum thanks to the courageous efforts of those concerned.

Needless to say, at the moment chain fission reaction is in abeyant since the accident. Unless whole core meltdown takes place, its recriticality is vanishingly improbable because their control rod still works. As some of the expended fuel was aired out, relatively more lightweight radioactive materials were already diffuse, as you know. However, since the recriticality accident is not a possibility, amount of radiation won’t get higher any longer.

Areas outside the Tohoku region, such as Osaka and Kyoto, did not suffer any damage from the earthquake and radioactivity. These prefectures, for example, are more than six or seven hundred kilometers away from Fukushima, where the nuclear plants are located. Therefore there is no reason for concern about possible damage caused by radioactivity. I would like to assure you that Osaka and Kyoto is a perfectly safe place to stay, so please do not worry about the earthquake and radioactivity.

It is true that the earthquake and Tsunami has destroyed many towns and caused many human casualties. People in Japan are trying hard not to be devastated by this daunting fact. I believe that what we in Osaka can do for the victims of the earthquake at this moment is to mourn, pray, and sincerely do the task right in front of each of us. For me, it is to invite all of you to the IFTR Osaka Conference and conduct it successfully.

I really look forward to seeing all of you in Osaka in August.


Yasushi NAGATA
IFTR Annual Conference, 2011

Call for members Performance and Religion

2011-03-11 22:25:57 | FIRT
Call for members
Performance and Religion
A proposed working group of the International Federation for Theatre Research (IFTR)

The IFTR’s proposed Performance and Religion working group seeks new members from scholars worldwide interested in exploring aspects of the entwinement between the forms, institutions, practices, traditions and impulses of theatrical performance and religion. The aim is to develop systematic ways of developing how performance and religion have come into conversation, cooperation and conflict both historically and in the present.

We wish to place our work at the intersection of the scholarly traditions of theatre studies and the study of religion. Both are committed to the systematic and humanistic critical inquiry of their material, and both are committed to internationalism and the joint participation of scholars from all corners of the world. In these traditions, the group is open to members from all national and cultural backgrounds, and it interests itself in work on all the world’s great spiritual and performative traditions.

Both religion and performance are, in our view, sets of social and cultural practices that have a profound and long-lasting importance to those involved in them. We are committed to a nonsectarian inquiry of them, and we assume no particular faith or religious affiliation for the working group.

Topics of interest might include (but are not limited to):

• The use of performance within religious practices (i.e.; ritual or spirituality) and its relationships to secular performance
• The interactions between structures of religious institutions and theatres; politically, economically, or legally
• Traditions of religious antipathy towards the theatre, and vice versa
• The secularity of performative aesthetics and ways in which this has been challenged
• Attempts to bridge religious divisions by means of performance
• The nature of the theatrical spectator compared to the religious worshipper or congregant, as well as the theatrical performer as compared to the religious practitioner or celebrant
• The use of the transcendent or supernatural in performance
• A comparative analysis of religion and theatre as phenomena or intellectual systems
• Religious performance and the human community – e.g. ecological engagements or the theatre of the oppressed

Those who would like more information or are interested in joining should contact the following proposers:

Farah Yeganeh farahyeganeh@yahoo.com
Joshua Edelman edelmanj@tcd.ie
Kim Skjoldager-Nielsen kim.skjoldager@gmail.com

WG Open Panels

2010-12-29 23:20:53 | Conference
We will hold "WG Open Panels" in General Panel program just like in Munich conference. Please contact to WG coordinators.

The Welcome Drink Party was canceled

2010-11-05 11:21:03 | 準備

The restaurant IZAKAYA BaraYA withdrew from Washington Hotel Plaza, where we would hold a Welcome drink party, 8th evening August. Please take care update information about this. We canceled the Welcome drink party, 8th evening, for a while.

Web Site

2010-10-09 23:05:20 | 準備


ウェブサイト オープン!!

2010-09-30 23:16:45 | 準備


お待ちかねの大会サイトがオープンします。最終的な完成にはもう少しですが、濱村さんが綺麗に仕上げてくださいます。Java スクリプトを有効に設定すれば、トップページがアニメーションになっています。ミュンヘンでの「公約」通り10月1日発表応募開始には間に合いました・・。あとはもう一つの公約「日本は安い」をどうするか・・。いずれにせよ、サイト関係者のみなさん、多謝!! お礼に鳥取砂丘の青空を・・。




AAP The Association for Asian Performance

2010-09-26 12:15:12 | 大阪大学

期間中には他の学会の隣接開催も予定しています。The Association for Asian Performanceというアメリカのアジア演劇関係学者を中心にした学会が、IFTRのアジア演劇WGと共同で会議を計画中です。ハワイ大学の歌舞伎研究のジェームス・ブランドンとか、寺山の本を書いたキャロル・フィッシャーなど大勢います。キャロルはアジア演劇WGのメンバーでもありますが。時期は8月7日か8日になる公算が高いです。この会議はIFTRの大阪大会とは完全に切り離しますので、無関係といえば無関係ですが、会場も同じ豊中キャンパスで、全く無視するわけには行かないと思います。といってもAAPからくる人は20人程度だと思います。建物は、文系新棟を予定しています。いずれにせよ、混乱しないように要注意。(NY)


2010-09-25 09:14:59 | 準備



2010-09-22 06:31:12 | FIRT


ヘルシンキ大会 ノート?

2010-09-09 20:44:57 | 準備