The micro-fiber items we use take less cleaning products

2017-07-17 14:40:41 | 日記

A traditional mop absorbs water and spreads it around, making mud. A micro-fiber mop can Filter Plates Manufacturers clean with just water. Because micro-fiber can hold so much weight in water, and will not scratch glass, a window can be cleaned with ease. There is no need for harmful solvents, or cleaners. If you work around computers, or other electronics you know how they attract dust. Micro-fiber softness, durability, and filtering abilities have made it a premium material for professional janitors. Professional car technicians have used micro-fiber cloths to detail car hoods and glass, without solvents.

The micro-fiber cleaning cloths we use are just as effective as the micro-fiber mops; they are very durable and sanitary. Feather dusters really just fluff the dirt and dust into the air, and let surfaces look clean until it settles again. If micro-fiber can hold seven times its weight in water, think about the amount of dirt it can trap. A wipe from a micro-fiber cloth traps the dust, dirt and even the oils. One can always wipe away dust, but it is the oil that helps debris cling to a surface. Micro-fiber truly is a champion fabric, and that is why it is used. A micro-fiber mop is better suited to clean because of the way the material is threaded, making a twisted ladder for the dirt to adhere to. Micro-fiber is a type of material that has been woven of polyester, so there is no damage to any surface it cleans. A micro-fiber duster, or cloth, is ideal for glass because it will not damage the surface. Micro-fiber has properties that cotton cannot touch.
These days everyone wants to be more environmentally friendly, while also cleaning with the best products available. Some people are allergic to feather dusters, and cannot use them. The same cloth professional athletes wear to shed away moisture can now be used to clean, and filter in a distinctly environmentally friendly way.

Micro-fiber dusters trap the dirt, while holding on to it. The micro-fiber items we use take less cleaning products, and last longer than traditional cleaning items. There is a product that can do both.The traditional cleaning method will remove 30 percent of bacteria, However, micro-fiber will eliminate more than 90 percent. The level of micro-fiber cleaning is meant to be used by a Janitor Service on a microscopic level, meaning you are getting a clean down to a microscopic level

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