Many owners like long time shut the window and open warm wind

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In autumn and winter, many owners like long time shut the window and open warm wind, makes a lot of bacteria have the chance to flourish in the car, and people are without notice. So, when you feel headache, dizziness, breathing not timely, best first concern once the car's air quality.

Blocked the Car pollution sources

Winter is cold itself, so time of open the window certainly much shorter than usual, that is to reduce as far as possible in the car placed which is easy to produce peculiar smell of items, blocked pollution from the source. The indoor and outdoor hot and cold difference in temperature will produce the moisture, sweater, shoes, the dirty towels items in that environment are susceptible to mold, so we should avoid placing such item in the car long. Instead can placed pineapple, lemon in the car, which not only tastes fresh and not pollution duct.

Before parking keep air flue dry

Because of the difference in temperature between the warm air conditioning pipe and the outdoors of the car, duct and air filter are always on wet water dew. Prevent the generation of wet fog is very simple. We can stop off the heat before parking, open the on the outward cycle for a while so that the temperature of the air conditioning pipe will close to the outside temperature so as to ensure the air conditioning systems in relatively dry.DIY replace air conditioner filter

Clean air conditioner filter is the key to keep the air inside the health. Here introduces a DIY method, under normal working conditions, a original air conditioner filter service life is thirty thousand kilometers or a year. Monthly, the method to tear the filter down by oneself is very simple. Most small cars' air conditioning filter car is under the before windshield. When we replace a filter which is covered by a diversion trough, first uncovered the engine cover, take down the checkpost of fixed flow sink, and tear down the sink, then you can see the air strainer.

Four habits increase pollution

The main source of pollution in car except for producing by itself, a lot of pollution is related to drive habits. The following several common driving habits can cause car air pollution.

1. Open air conditioning smoking: smoking in the car when opening the air conditioning, a lot of histamine and nicotine in the dust will adhere to the evaporator surface. After a long time in the rainy weather or without using the air conditioning, evaporator surface can produce mould, which pollute seriously car air.

2. Open air conditioning often use inner circulation: car interior trim sends out of gas and the cry out pollution of the harmful gas in a closed car pool, which are not to send out, great damage to human body health. Opening air conditioning should use the outward cycle so that ensure the outside fresh air flowing input car and crew to breathe the fresh air.

3. Often using air freshener: air freshener can have a short-term effort on pure and fresh the air inside the car, but it take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, for a long time but can cause new car air pollution.

4. Driving often with closing window: we should keep the moderate air circulation by opening a window to get the air pollution of car out. According to the research, new car best can often open the window for six months.

To reduce air filter cloth manufacturers pollution car, we must ensure that in-car health. Don't try to sleep, eat, sneeze, smoke, take off shoes and so on in the car and we must clean in time. Every time when have the car washed, we can use wet cloth to wipe the car in every corner. In short, cleaning more and not be lazy, keeping the car fresh and clean are very important.

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