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Messi sat on the bench for vomiting.

2016-10-17 14:22:08 | news
"Messi was on the bench when he threw up, fifa 17 coins he was exposed to the world, after all, is a human being"
Against Deportivo, television captured this scene: the first half of the game, Messi sat on the bench to watch his teammates and Lakota players in combat, he just sat, suddenly feel, fifa 17 ps4 coins his mouth with the left hand over his body, vomiting reaction obviously, followed by a series of spit two times. Many people have noticed this scene, everyone thinks that Messi has recovered, because since he came off the bench and scored.
Why does Messi always vomit? There are a lot of explanation, buy fifa 17 coins The former Argentina coach Savelli A is perhaps the most accurate explanation, he said: "this is because of nervousness, at that moment, anxiety more than anything"
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