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JR return

2016-10-19 10:45:27 | news
According to U.S. media reports, nba 2k17 buy mt the Cleveland Cavaliers player JR- Smith completed the training for the first time after the contract with the team. After completion of the training of the JR accepted the media interview, he said he felt very good, keep a good state.
He has been training with the team. But a summer JR has been hard, as is able to maintain a good state in the new season. Just after completion of the training coach tyronn Lue said the state of the JR is very good, but he said JR will be played last season before the next season, the purpose is to let the he was looking for. "And others against feeling really good, after through their own efforts to get some chance is really precious. Again can play five to five games, but also on the pitch and his teammates fought together." JR said in an interview after the end of the training.
JR said sometimes he is a lack of calm, 2k17 mt but very confident of their own shooting.
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