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Mcgee is expected to remain in the Warriors

2016-10-18 11:29:30 | news
According to the "San Jose Mercury News reports, nba 2k17 buy mt for Javier Mcgee in training camp and the preseason, the warriors coach Steve Cole was very satisfied, and said that Mcgee" has a good chance in the warriors and the regular season campaign.
This summer, the warriors of Mcgee provides a chance to participate in the training camp,">2k17 mt and Mcgee very cherish this opportunity, and hope to be able to prove himself again. Last weekend warriors beat the Lakers in the game, Mcgee had his best performance in the preseason, 10 throw in 6, scored 12 points, plus 4 rebounds and 2 blocks from the current point of view, the warriors line-up of fifteenth seats will belong to Mcgee. When asked to stay in the warriors on their own what it means, Mcgee said: "this will mean everything. I'm trying to take his talents to this, and help the team again to win a championship, so this is what I focus on. I will make every effort to help the team"
This summer, in order to sign big free agent Durant, nba 2k17 PS4 MT the warriors were forced to trade the starting center Andrew Bogut.

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