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No Kobe MJ triangle offense is finished

2016-10-17 14:22:08 | news
According to CBS sports reports, nba 2k17 buy mt since Jackson Phil became president of the Nicks team, he has been trying to instill the triangle offense to the team, but has not achieved results.
Recently, the Celtics all star guard Isiah - Thomas said only Jordan and OK combined to make the triangle work. 2k17 mt Yesterday, the Celtics in a preseason game with a 119-107 win over Nicks. After the game, "the small Assassin" on Thomas Nicks's triangle offense quite critical. "I just think, if your team without Kobe, Shaq or Michael Jordan, then the triangle offense doesn't work." Thomas said. In fact, the famous TNT commentator Charles Barkley earlier also published similar views, he believes the three year success is the angle of attack because of Jordan, Pippin and the legendary player OK this combination.
Thomas said he love Hornacek's style very much, nba 2k17 PS4 MT and I believe the former mentor can succeed in the Nicks team, no matter whether he used the triangle.

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